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From the moment you first stepped into the gym, you probably had the burning desire to sculpt an impressive pair of sleeve tearing guns. You know what I'm talking about.

It's something us serious lifters are associated with a stamp of masculinity, a statement of sheer, brute power. Nothing is more impressive, from general societies perspective, then a chiselled set of biceps and triceps hanging like granite horse-shoes. Yet why do so many of us fail to achieve the goal we arguably work hardest towards.

Its actually quite a simple question to answer, and one which this article will help rectify the common mistakes associated with the quest to build massive, showstopper arms. Read on if you want to learn the exercises, techniques and training program that is guaranteed to pack on slabs of lean meat onto your arms.

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Without doubt PH's deliver results, although adherance to a good diet, an effective workout routine, and careful PCT are all essential to ensure you maximise gains and retain them longer term. But equaly important you need careful and measured consideration when starting down this route.

PH's are compounds which when injested into the body, convert into active hormones. These hormones fall mainly into two groups "anabolic" and "androgenic", but all have some component of each of the two groups. Primarily anabolic PH's produce mass and strength whereas mainly androgenic hormones increase aggression, focus, energy, motivation, muscle hardening, and sex drive.

Looking at this site, I see that SD-Complete falls squarly into the anabolic PH category, whilst Oxy Black is a hybrid PH with predominantly anrogenic compounds. The third product typically classed as a PH is EPI which falls outside the scope of this article, but is a great recomposition product. All three are methylated.

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There are many abbreviations of rest-pause training, but in this article I'm going to describe what are in my opinion, the two most popular and efficacious methods we have today for building strength and muscle.

Rest-pause training is not a fad or gimmick. It's a hardcore training technique that's been popularised by brutal training programs for muscle hypertrophy (Doggcrap, HIT, etc) as a way of stockpiling muscle on you fast.

It's also used by an abundance of the world's best strength and conditioning coaches to harness technique, confidence handling heavy poundages and overall gains contributing towards strength and power.

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If you go to the gym you're probably hoping to one day have a lean, well built body, right? Even if you go to the gym to improve your performance at football or MMA you're still kind of hoping for that perfect body, yes?

But most likely, you've been going to the gym for a year or two and although you can see improvements, maybe even pretty good ones, you're still thinking you should be looking nearer to that goal than you are at the moment. You probably have come to the conclusion that you have to train longer, harder and more frequently. Maybe you should probably eat broccoli, boiled rice and chicken 6 days a week, maybe you should use more supplements, maybe its only really possible with drugs.

Well this article gives you a few guidelines on what it really takes to get that physique, what kind of training you need, what sort of diet to follow, and where supplements like Adapt Nutrition PreTrain can help.

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There are probably more fad diets out there than there are people looking to lose a little body fat, and unfortunately nearly as many diet pills and fat loss supplements too. Into that overcrowded space I'm going to give you a few simple guidelines combined with Adapt Nutrition Adaptolean, a high potency fat burner supplement, which will pretty much guarantee results similar to those I've seen over and over again during the last 12 months.

The reason I've picked Adaptolean to enhance the effects of these fat loss guidelines is that it supports mental activity and physical energy during periods of low calorie consumption, but also increases metabolic rate and dampens down hunger pangs better than pretty much any other supplement I've come across. Having said that, these guidelines will work with many other fat loss supplements, and I'd be happy to suggest changes if you wanted to work with another product, or even if you wanted to follow the guidelines without using a supplement at all.

I'm going to keep this article simple and straight to the point so that its practical and usable. If you want the science behind it, or you want the 'whys' you'll find it in other articles on our website. The objective here is to give you something you can use to help permanently lose body fat. Ok, lets kick the guidelines off then.....

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Here's a special one month Reflex Bundle we're running through May!


Add a tub of Reflex Instant Whey Pro, any size (908g, 2.2kg or 4.4kg) to your shopping cart.

Then add either a 250g or 500g tub of Reflex Glutamine

Then just continue to checkout and place you're order.

When we ship we will add 3 gifts:

  • First, we will add a FREE tub of Creatine. We'll match this to your Glutamine. If you order 250g of Glutamine, we'll give you a free 250g of Creatine. If you pick the 500g of Glutamine, we'll match it with 500g of Creatine
  • Next, we'll  give you a free Reflex Shaker.
  • And finally, we'll give you a free sample of pre, intra or post workout supplement.

This offer is available until the end of May 2016 or whilst stocks last. No special coupon code required. Free goods will not show in shopping cart, they are added automatically by our packing team.

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In this review I'm looking to take a look into Adapt Nutrition PreTrain and compare it to some of the other products currently out there in the densly populated pre-workout supplement world.

Before I get into it, just to be clear, I'm talking about supplements that are primarily aimed at weight training, or strength based training and not athletes engaged in high endurance activities. I'm also talking specifically about the pre workout supplements that are aimed at an immediate and unarguable effect on your very next workout.

For those of us who have been using supplements for a long time, the pre-workout market came around when ultimate nutrition introduced an ephedrine based product called 'Ultimate Orange' and probably peaked at around the time of DMG containing supplements like Jack3D. Although there is still a great demand for preworkouts, the hard edged products are now in the grey market, leaving a small slice of the market for your legitamate, and legal, pre training supplement.

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