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The squat is the undisputed king of all lifts, period. For those who take their squat seriously, this article is for you.

There's an abundance of articles on how to get a stalling bench press moving again; likewise on the deadlift (we'll cover both in the 5 Ways Article series). When it comes to an ailing squat, however, there are few pieces around. Why is this? Probably, because there's just not as much demand. Let's face it: squats are tough, and far too many people neglect their importance. We know you're different though. That's why you'll find 5 proven techniques you can apply immediately to bolster your squat numbers and take your growth and development to the next level. Read on.

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Leg training: the one workout that truly separates the men from the boys. You can bench press your way to infinity, curl your damn arms off, but when it comes to putting together an effective leg training regime, you?ll find few friends willing to lend their hand required to build killer legs.

Here at BodyActive Nation, we?ve got the antidote, with 4 massively under-utilised exercises that will revolutionise the way you train your pins. Get ready to strip off those chicken legs you?re carrying around for a set of monster wheels.

The conventional back squat isn?t the only way to build show stopper legs that define serious lifters and athletes. You will however, consistently notice throughout a lot of references to the conventional squats simply because they?re such a beast of an exercise. This article contains four unique abbreviations of the squat that are also challenging and dramatically effective for a variety of purposes that will leave you feeling enlightened by the time you?ve implemented them into your routine.

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