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From the moment you first stepped into the gym, you probably had the burning desire to sculpt an impressive pair of sleeve tearing guns. You know what I'm talking about.

It's something us serious lifters are associated with a stamp of masculinity, a statement of sheer, brute power. Nothing is more impressive, from general societies perspective, then a chiselled set of biceps and triceps hanging like granite horse-shoes. Yet why do so many of us fail to achieve the goal we arguably work hardest towards.

Its actually quite a simple question to answer, and one which this article will help rectify the common mistakes associated with the quest to build massive, showstopper arms. Read on if you want to learn the exercises, techniques and training program that is guaranteed to pack on slabs of lean meat onto your arms.

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The Triceps get no love. Let's face it: when it comes to building large, sleeve-tearing guns, we've got it backwards. Everyone rushes out to hammer the biceps. This approach is neither optimal nor beneficial to sculpting huge arms.

Take a brief second to pause what you're doing next time you enter the gym. Take a look around. What are people investing their time in?

Curls. All curls variations. Barbell curls, dumbbell curls, preecher curls, cable curls, hump-the-weight-up-and-nearly-break-your-back-curls - the whole freakin' world is obsessed with curls. Hell, I've been guilty of it too - until I learned the truth to building a pair of showstopper arms. Read on lifter.

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If your arms have stopped growing, what solutions are there? Any super-movements to shock the muscles into new growth? Perhaps integrating a higher frequency of arm workouts can help? Here to solve this perennial problem, Adam Kitchen gives you his favourite solutions to get the guns growing.

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