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For late September, it's pretty warm right now in the UK. We're apparently having an "Indian Summer" I'm told. But in around two weeks time, we'll be back in familiar territory; freezing our assess off and using it as an excuse to get fat, all in the name of "Bulking".

If you followed our previous roundtable, you'll realise that I not only dissaprove of this conventional method of adding muscle but also remonstrate against. My explanation is quite simple: you spend far too much time cutting the excess off and losing muscle when you want to get in shape, and are also at a disadvantage for losing strength, and, well, looking like crap.

On a brighter note, I do have what I consider to be pretty useful advice for an "Anabolic Winter". It's the bodybuilders version of a "White Christmas", and it's a time when many of us are seriously trying to put some hard graft in the gym in return for new muscle tissue. Here are my solutions to make this a successful period of lean muscle mass accumulation, and not one of fat accumulation!

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This is a quick, straight-up article where our experienced customers give you their feedback on some of the products they've taken and advice for other consumers. There's nothing more invaluable than first-hand experience, so enjoy their answers!

Incase you're wondering why these guys have all really weird names (they don't actually) they're their Forum usernames!

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