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Putting a diet together to add muscular bodyweight is a lot easier with access to weight gain supplements like Applied Nutrition Critical Mass, but its still easier to get it totally wrong than it is to get it totally right. But like most things, with knowledge and a little bit of preparation, its amazing how good a result anyone can achieve with surprisingly little effort.

Getting Your Calorie Level Right

The starting point is to get a baseline for your mass gaining calorie needs. To begin pick a number between 0 and 10 to indicate your normal daily activity level (exclude exercise) with 0 being totally inactive (lying down), 3 a typical office job, 6 a moderate activity job being on your feet most of the day, and 10 a hard physical activity being on your feet all day, rushing about, and handling heavy items or hard manual labour.

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Weight gain powders are an effective way of adding lots of calories and protein to your diet conveniently and inexpensively in the hope of building muscle fast. But get it wrong and its a fast track route to frustration, getting fat, or worse still, to poor health.

However you can avoid the risks with a little bit of knowledge, and get all the muscle gain, weight gain and strength gains without the negative side effects you may have heard in forums and magazines. To do this you simply need to keep 4 critical factors in mind:

1. Finding the Right Mass Gain Powder Supplement

There are 3 important factors to consider when choosing a mass gain supplement, and although there are some products that will work for most people, there really is no one mass gainer that is best for everyone:

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Over the years I have lost count of the amount of people who have commented on how they can't understand why they dont put on weight  / muscle  , thinking that they must be some kind of hard gainer or that they have been dealt a cruel hand with their genetic make up. Very often the answers are far more simple than they would imagine or indeed like to admit. I have been there myself and made all the same mistakes , speaking as a naturally skinny person who spent 5 years training in long distance running ( this diid not help the issue !!) I understand the pitfalls of trying to put on size and where most people go wrong. The following are some tips that I feel can help people to cut through the bullshit and to go on to get the results they are trying hard to get.

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