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Fat Loss Guidelines for Guaranteed Results

There are probably more fad diets out there than there are people looking to lose a little body fat, and unfortunately nearly as many diet pills and fat loss supplements too. Into that overcrowded space I'm going to give you a few simple guidelines combined with Adapt Nutrition Adaptolean, a high potency fat burner supplement, which will pretty much guarantee results similar to those I've seen over and over again during the last 12 months.

The reason I've picked Adaptolean to enhance the effects of these fat loss guidelines is that it supports mental activity and physical energy during periods of low calorie consumption, but also increases metabolic rate and dampens down hunger pangs better than pretty much any other supplement I've come across. Having said that, these guidelines will work with many other fat loss supplements, and I'd be happy to suggest changes if you wanted to work with another product, or even if you wanted to follow the guidelines without using a supplement at all.

I'm going to keep this article simple and straight to the point so that its practical and usable. If you want the science behind it, or you want the 'whys' you'll find it in other articles on our website. The objective here is to give you something you can use to help permanently lose body fat. Ok, lets kick the guidelines off then.....

You don't need to live like a monk to lose body fat

There has never been so many books or TV programs devoted to losing weight, and yet there has never been so many people over weight or carrying too much body fat. This isnt a coincidence, we believe that losing weight requires a punitive lifestyle and a life long comitment to living a miserable existance based on trying the fad diets laid out in a few books or magazines that you'll have tried over the years.

The truth is very different. You can drink alcohol, you can eat pizza, you don't need to convert to being a vegetarian, and you can go for meals out. And whats more you can have a lean and athletic body while doing it.

Dont get me wrong, the diets top bodybuilders follow, or celebrities follow to get into fantastic shape very quickly really do work. But they are extreme, for extremely rapid results. But they're not maintainable, and if you try, you'll soon fail and become convinced that you simply just don't have the genetics to be slim.

But you can. You can have abs, a tight lean body, and you don't have to give up everything you like, you just need to take a little care.

How to avoid eating too much at each meal

We each have genetic traits, psychologically makeups, and intestinal bacteria balances that differ. Each of these facets makes us more or less suseptible to different holes we fall into when we eat. The first of these we'll cover is over eating at meal times.

For some of us the mental and hormonal triggers that tell us we're full don't work as effectively as for others. This leads us into a natural and survival based habit - we continue to eat long after our bodies needs are met.

The trick here is quite simple, and requires a few simple steps at meal times:

  • Have half a pint of water 20 minutes before your meal
  • Drink half a pint of water with your meal by sipping it after every few mouthfuls.
  • Have a thick broth/soup for some of your weekly meals.
  • Most importantly, really slow down when you eat. Chew each mouthful 5-10 times before swallowing. Only put more food on your fork once you have swallowed.

This approach dramatically slows down eating and gives your body more time to signal your brain that you're full. Oh, and by the way, if it sounds a big hassle chewing your food so many times, on some small tests it takes only 3 days (if done with every mouthful of each meal) for it to become second nature.

How to avoid binging on junk food

Another popular pitfall is the 'between meals' snacking on high sugar, high fats foods. We've all done it, some more than others, but I'm pretty sure that you'll all agree that after the snack you feel satisfied for a few minutes and then you want to do it again.

The cause of this is primarily that our blood sugar levels drop and our body craves fast, high calorie foods to satisfy our immediate need for energy. Unfortunately this is a looping process where the very foods we eat stimulates a further bout of hunger. There are 2 simple steps to reduce this risk:

  • Eat breakfast. When you wake up your body has low energy reserves. By eating a meal containing grains and protein you will provide long lasting energy and avoid the mid morning binge/snacking.
  • Increase the level of protein you eat in each meal. Protein is a key nutrient to stimulate the hormones that signal the brain we are full.

Swapping some pastry for whole grain breads, swapping chips for jacket potatoes, and adding nuts, beans and pulses will all provide long lasting energy and feelings of fullness.

How to stay motivated

We are all prone to feeling down, and its quite natural to turn to food for comfort. Just knowing this is a psychologically reaction, and not a real need for food is half way to reducing this pitfall.

When we try to lose weight, and it doesn't go to plan, many of us turn to food for comfort. This makes us feel like failures and we feel even worse, sack off the diet and eat what we want for a few days before finally turning back to the diet.

There is a recognised technique for dealing with this pattern. Its a method that switches the target of your comfort from food to something more productive.

  • Join a club (online or actual) or a forum where people share your same goal. Be open about your goals, write them down for others to see on a forum.
  • Each week, report your progress on the forum or at the club.
  • As soon as you feel a 'weak' moment heading your way, get on the forum and read your posts. Write a post about how you feel.

If comfort eating is a common habit of your eating, you'll find this technique soon switches your feelings for comfort from food to talking to, and sharing ideas with, other people.

How to drop calories

The above pointers will all make it easier to avoid the pitfalls of trying to lose body fat, and will inevitably lead to a more progressive, and steady loss of weight. However, what do you do to drop calories without destroying your lifestyle?

The answer is to work with nature!.

Much as is it is a natural process to over eat when food is plentiful (leading to excess body fat), in the natural workings of things, we also have a process to lose that stored body weight. The popular term for these types of eating patterns is 'intermitent fasting' (IF)

The idea behind IF is that just as a lion eats plenty after a kill, at times it goes several hours without eating until it finally catches its next meal. In a Zoo this is often accomplished by feeding the animals for 6 days and then letting them go hungry on the seventh.

The two most popular forms of Intermittent Fasting are:

  • Fasting for 16 hours a day. Typically you might eat your last meal 3 hours before bed, sleep for 8 hours, and then wait 5 hours before eating. You can follow this from 1 to 7 days per week.
  • The 5-2 pattern, where you eat as normal for 5 days a week, but have 500 calories per day on 2 days of the week. This typically reduces calories to the point you would expect to lose around 1.5lb per week.

These patterns mimic nature, and probably represent how we used to eat several thousand years ago. But pleasingly, it allows you to eat and drink the normal foods you eat (keeping in mind the guidelines above) and in normal portion sizes. It also doesn't expect you to live on chicken and broccoli or some other unreasonable restrictions on the foods you like.

Athletes may worry that performance will deteriorate if you try exercising after fasting, however the evidence actually points in the opposite direction. After a small adjustment period, athletes actually perform better in a mild fasted state, and once they start to train notice an increased mental focus and increases in strength.

How to get AdaptoLean to work for you

I started off by saying these guidelines will work for you with or without using a fat burner like AdaptoLean, however, its properties will make the process a whole lot easier.

During the start period of a change in eating habits its normal to crave things you may have reduced or cut out, and similarly during the first few weeks of trying Intermittent Fasting you can feel hungry. AdaptoLean will dampen down these cravings quite significantly.making it far easier to make the changes you want to make.

Adaptoleans ability to increase basal metabolic rate and promote energy release will make your diet more effective, whilst at the same time reduce the lethargic feelings you may notice during a diet.

Finally, as time goes by the effectiveness of a diet diminishes as your body adjusts to lower eating volumes. By stoking the metabolism a 'thermogenic' fat burner will prolong the effectiveness of a diet.

My own experiences with using Adaptolean to support a diet is to use it during the first 8 weeks while you get used to a new eating pattern. After that use it for periods of 4 weeks every couple of months to keep the metabolism ticking over and to motivate yourself with enhanced results.

And to conclude.....

Its important that you recognize these guidelines as a path to follow long term. They will help you reduce body fat quickly and safely, and they will help you keep it off long term whilst continuing to get as lean as you want. Adapt Nutrition Adaptolean can be used for a month or two, and then used again when you feel you need to give your program a bit of a kick or helping hand. You can also check out other supplements by Adapt Nutrition to help other functional aspects of your training and dietary lifestyle.

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