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Over the last few years supplements have come and gone. However, in what seems an essential and immovable group, BioRhythm Afterglow stands head and shoulders above its competition in the post workout recovery supplement category. Although its undergone a number of subtle, yet significant, formula alterations over the years, it has been considered the best of the best for 3-4 years.

Manufacture by a US company called BioRhythm ADS who have their moto as 'More Results More Quickly' they stand behind their company ethos of providing a supplement range designed primarily for results irrespective of the cost of putting the product together. For some of their line, such as Regenerate the price has made their hormonal rebalancing product somewhat of a specialist product, whereas for others such as Androbolix and AfterGlow the price tag has done nothing to scare customers away, and in fact the reported results, customer feedback, and retail sales have done nothing but reinforce the reputation of these supplements.

So we felt it was time to put AfterGlow by BioRhythm ADS to the test over an 8 week period, and to also get one of our nutritional experts to take a look at the ingredients.

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Looking at the sports supplements market today with hundreds of brands to choose from and in excess of 50 different protein powders to choose from in even the smaller supplement stores its hard to imagine that only a few years ago that choice may have been limited to perhaps half a dozen. And one of those blended protein options would have been Nutrisports Protein 90 plus which has been a constant as all those around it have come and gone.

The not so secret success of Protein 90+ is quite simple. Its a good product at an almost unbelievable price, sold in a convenient ranges of sizes with a popular range of flavour options. Its so well established in the industry that many users of Protein 90 will be aware of the product and recognise it instantly without many of them even knowing the brand itself.

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