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Rapid Training Progresss Guidelines

If you go to the gym you're probably hoping to one day have a lean, well built body, right? Even if you go to the gym to improve your performance at football or MMA you're still kind of hoping for that perfect body, yes?

But most likely, you've been going to the gym for a year or two and although you can see improvements, maybe even pretty good ones, you're still thinking you should be looking nearer to that goal than you are at the moment. You probably have come to the conclusion that you have to train longer, harder and more frequently. Maybe you should probably eat broccoli, boiled rice and chicken 6 days a week, maybe you should use more supplements, maybe its only really possible with drugs.

Well this article gives you a few guidelines on what it really takes to get that physique, what kind of training you need, what sort of diet to follow, and where supplements like Adapt Nutrition PreTrain can help.

But to be clear before we start, anyone can have a lean well built body, without drugs, without lots of supplements, and without sacrificing your life to the cause.

How you should treat training

Training should be approached like a job or a task. There will be parts you love, parts you hate, and parts you just do. But don't expect to love it all, and don't think you need to make every part of it a punishment.

Like most jobs, if left to our own devices, we will start to spend more and more time doing the bits we love, and less and less doing the bits we hate. Unfortunately, if you want the results you have to address the things that need to be done first, and anything else you enjoy, as an added benefit.

I've observed over the years that people fall into groups, and you may recognise yourself in one of these exaggerated extremes:

  • Workouts are based around dumbbell curls, tricep push downs, cable cross overs, lat pull downs, leg extensions, leg curls, calf raises and maybe a few machine chest presses.
  • Workouts are performed at a fast pace, sweat pouring off them, breathing hard, adds an extra set of something at every workout, doesn't really increase weights
  • Load a machine with a huuuuge amount of weight, do 4 half reps, grunt loudly, and wait for the applause!

This is the power of nature. If left to ourselves, we'll often fall somewhere into one of these groups, This is probably one of the areas training under the eye of a PT for a few weeks will benefit most training enthusiasts.

Which exercises to choose and why

So we understand why we have to put aside how we'd like to train, and ignore what exercise choices we'd like to pick in favour of what exercise movements produce the best results. Here's the list, and no marks for guessing:

  1. Squats, with a bar, no smith machines, just plain and simple squats, thighs parallel to the floor.
  2. Deadlifts
  3. Pull Ups
  4. Shoulder Press
  5. Bench Press

And here's how this group of exercises impact major muscle groups

Body parts and impact
Squats (1)
Quads High
Glutes High
Leg Biceps Medium/High
Core Medium/High
Deadlift (2)
Core High
Back High
Glutes High
Leg Biceps High
Parallel Pull Ups (3)
Back High
Biceps High
Shoulder Press (4)
Shoulder High
Triceps Medium
Bench Press (5)
Chest High
Triceps High
Shoulders Medium

The reasons for picking these exercises are pretty straight forward:

  • They are compound exercises that provide opportunity for continuous progression (ie you can add 0.25kg to the weight at each workout for a long, long time.
  • They are demanding exercises that produce 'body wide' muscle growth, fat burning stimulus to the whole body via significant hormonal responses.
  • It completely trains your body in very few exercises, allowing simplicity in mental focus - no mental drifting as you work through 3 sets of 10 simple exercises for each bodypart and lose the focus on progression.
  • It can be done in a relatively short time frame, and as few as two days per week. No need to spend 6 days a week, 2 hours a day in the gym.

You can group these exercises in a few different ways. The most popular 2 day a week program would group #1,#4 and #5 on one day and #2 and #3 on another day. A 3 day per week program would split #1 on one day, #2 and #3 on another and #4 and #5 on the third.

How much training is right

The fundamental idea behind weight training is progressive overload, and the simplest form of this is that for a given exercise you perform the exercise in the same form, with the same rep range at each workout, but add a small amount of extra weight. - think grammes, not kilo's!

The volume of training is a very personal issue. In general, a naturally stocky build will be able to achieve a higher volume of training at a maximum training load than a smaller framed person. Its also quite usual for a stocky framed individual to be able to recover from a given workout than a slimmer framed individual.

But always remember, its not additional volume, its additional weight on the productive set that creates the stimulus to build lean muscle, so never add volume at the cost of increasing weight.

When it comes to rep range, again this is a personal factor.

When you lift a weigh a number of fibres will be contracted to do the work. For each rep performed, your body will cycle through muscle fibres, tiring each group as it goes. Naturally strong people (ie strong for their size) will contract more tissue on each rep and reach muscular failure more quickly.

The objective is to raise a weight under control, to remove explosive thrust at the start of a movement, which generally results in a movement of around 4 seconds for the positive and negative phase of a movement.

When performed in this way, most people will be able to achieve 6-12 reps with a weight that tires all muscle fibres, depending on muscle group, natural strength and sex. If the weight is too heavy, you will fail to be able to lift it before tiring all muscle fibres. If its too light you will deplete immediate muscular ATP reserves before tiring the muscle fibres.

Consequently, aiming for 1-2 maximum sets with a weight that allows 8 reps is a good starting point for most.

What supplements to use

There are an endless choice of supplements that add value to your training, your recovery or simply to complement your dietary choices, so its not a straightforward choice. However, as I've stated earlier, we're looking at training driven changes to you're body, and this means the supplements that have most impact on your training are going to deliver the biggest changes, and therefore the priority is simple:
  1. Preworkout supplements
  2. Recovery supplements
  3. The rest!

A preworkout, due to its ability to increase drive, energy and motivation during the workout is a clear front runner. From the perspective of this article I've focused in one one specific product Adapt Nutrition PreTrain because of its ingredient profile and the impact this will have on training vs the impact other preworkouts might have.

A key factor in training intensity is mood and focus. A lot of this comes down to personal motivation, your drive and determination, however the right nutrients can make a big difference on this. Specifically the combination of Tyrosine, Vitamin B6 and B12 which in the right proportions will improve mental focus.

Stimulating the central nervous system will enhance oxygen utilisation, increase maximal muscle contractile force, and release stored energy. Pretrain contains a number of ingredients from Caffeine to Bitter Orange Peel.

In addition PreTrain contains ingredients to increase vascular dilation, elevate ATP levels, and even increase the use of body fat as an energy supply during training. Taken as a whole, PreTrain delivers more of the functions required for long term training improvements than any others I've looked at.

And to conclude.....

Most people over time will 'forget' whats important because its unpleasant or less fun than some other latest gimmick they've just read and consequently drift off track. To avoid this refocus every month by reviewing these points and your training and lifestyle and make changes to get back on track. We all need to do this.

If you need some guidelines on a nutrition program, then take a look at one of our fat loss guides, there are a number on our site.

If you use Adapts PreTrain to boost performance and you like the impact it has on your results then take a look at the Adapt Nutrition range to see how other functional supplements can benefit other goals in your training lifestyle.

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