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What is Citrulline Malate?
Citrulline Malate is a combination of the organic compound malate salt and amino acid Citrulline. This combination compound offers athletes a unique opportunity to fight muscle fatigue and improve sports performance whilst speeding up and enhancing msucle and energy recovery post intense exercise.

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This interview was conducted by Adam Kitchen, and the question answered by Reflex Nutrition's very own Karl Schwick.

Question: Quite simply, how does Reflex Vegan Protein stack up against whey protein in terms of overall quality? Can pea protein really be considered on par as a viable alternative, even for non-vegans?

Karl Schwick: From our perspective, those that are looking at Vegan Protein would be doing so because they don’t/can’t use dairy proteins. Vegan Protein is was not launched as an alternative to whey protein but to provide an alternative in a market that doesn’t have a great deal of choice. However, whilst I would say that in terms of overall amino acid profile whey is stronger, our Vegan Protein certainly isn’t too far behind and if you cannot use whey then it makes it’s a great choice. As an example, 18% off the protein content is BCAA’s, where as 25% of whey protein is typically BCAAs. Naturally this is a little lower isn’t a dramatically low as many would think. It also contains high levels of glutamine/glutamic acid and is a richer source of arginine when compared with whey or micellar casein. It has a PDCAAs score of 92, which compares well with whey and casein and favourably against most other vegetable sources of protein. 


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Looking at the sports supplements market today with hundreds of brands to choose from and in excess of 50 different protein powders to choose from in even the smaller supplement stores its hard to imagine that only a few years ago that choice may have been limited to perhaps half a dozen. And one of those blended protein options would have been Nutrisports Protein 90 plus which has been a constant as all those around it have come and gone.

The not so secret success of Protein 90+ is quite simple. Its a good product at an almost unbelievable price, sold in a convenient ranges of sizes with a popular range of flavour options. Its so well established in the industry that many users of Protein 90 will be aware of the product and recognise it instantly without many of them even knowing the brand itself.

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Everyone knows that the amount of muscle you hold, and the amount you can build, is based on testosterone levels. Low test levels equals low muscle mass, high test levels equates to bigger and faster growing muscles. What far less people know is that improving testosterone levels, naturally without drugs, is difficult to achieve, and even when achieved tends to be modest rises, but it is possible. It just needs attention to a few details, specifically training style and duration, diet, rest and small but important additions to your nutritional program through intelligent supplementation.

Androbolix 300XL is BioRhythm ADS next generation testosterone booster represented by taking one of the most powerful formulas on the market and updating it with the latest most cutting-edge science.

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