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02/03/2016 17:54:25


I have taken grenade for 4 days with four per day how long would it take for it to get out of my system as I have recently found out it is banned by the Army

Many thanks


-- Response by Approved Administrator --

Its not banned by the MHRA, the medical health association in the UK, so it would suprise me if it was banned by the UK army.

Grenade tell us that the product is not banned by the UK services.


13/03/2013 11:52:39

Hi I m currently 9 stone 6 pounds, have a stone probably on my mid section from having a child a couple of years ago.. Will grenade help lose this I ve currently been taking them for over a week now, been taking 4 a day for 4 days but not seeing any change I m eating better exercising 3 times a week but still nothing

-- Response by Approved Administrator --

Hi Debra, weightloss takes time to happen and you will not lose much weight in a single week. You need to be consistent with it and the weight will start to drop off you.


11/03/2013 15:48:40

Hi. May I take Grenade Thermo 2 caps. in the morning, 2 caps in the afternoon and also NOS Blast 1h before going to the gym, I mean between 17:00-18:00 Thank u.

-- Response by Approved Administrator --

Hi Damian, your fine to do so but be aware that you are putting alot of stimulants in to your system. This can have a big effect on your sleeping pattern and make it very difficult to actually get to sleep.


10/03/2013 07:57:56

Could I take two capsuels,at 7 in the morning then 2 at half nine just before I train

-- Response by Approved Administrator --

Hi Leon, you are fine to do so if you choose but just be aware you are putting stimulants in to your system not long before bed. This can kep you awake for long periods of time and make it very difficult to sleep. If you want to use it this way then we sell a product called chill by biorythm, this is an anti-stimulant so will nullify the effects of the stimulants from grenade. This will allow you to have a great workout with all the fat burning you want but will allow you to sleep properly.


09/03/2013 19:08:33

Hi,i have just bought a coure of Grenade and i am just asking when is the best time for me to take them as i work nightshift.I go to my bed at 7am and get up at 10.30 am then go to the gym about 1 or 2 pm . please advise.
Many Thanks

-- Response by Approved Administrator --

Hi Persie, Taking 2 capsules as a pre workout would be ideal as it would give you an energy boost whilst you train whilst also burning off body fat. Make sure your getting plenty more rest then you currently are or this can massively diminish any gains you are aiming for. Taking something such as regenerate by biorythm is ideal as while you sleep it will put you in a much deeper sleep which will amplify your gains and recovery.

Henry Perry-Smith

04/03/2013 12:49:21

Hi, I have the Grenade thermo capsules but I have a huge problem with swallowing tablets are they still as effective if I chew or empty the contents and wash down with water I take 2 upon waking then 2 with lunch and I train after 4pm.

King Regards
Henry Perry-Smith

-- Response by Approved Administrator --

Hi Henry, The best thing would be to empty them in to water, chewing these tablets would be horrendous. How your taking them is absolutely fine.


01/03/2013 11:10:23

Hi I just started taking grenade today 1 before breakfast and another 1 before lunch. Can i use another brand of fat burner ( fat burner extreme) as a pre workout at night

-- Response by Approved Administrator --

Hi Narumi, you can take another fat burner as a pre-workout but be aware that you are putting even more stimulants in your body before you sleep. This can massively affect your sleep and can keep you awake all night.


26/02/2013 10:39:22

hi i am taking grenade on capsule first thing in the morning on empty stomach than go for workout.
is that ok

and i take 2 pints of beer on the week end will there be any side effect of that.

-- Response by Approved Administrator --

Hi Vinny, yes thats fine to do so. You won't have any adverse side effects if your drinking on it as it is all natural ingredients.


29/01/2013 14:58:41

I have just started using Grenade yesterday and i have just taken my 2nd pill today about 30 minutes ago. I am now suffering from a mild headache and my chest and arm seems to have a mild pain. Should i stop using grenade if i am having these problems

-- Response by Approved Administrator --

Hi James, if it persists then i would stop taking it. It only contains all natural products but they are stimulants which can raise your blood pressure, which would explain the headache and possible pain. You are proberbly reacting to something in the product that your body doesn't like which happens quite alot. But your health is the most important thing so i would play around with it.


21/01/2013 10:52:01

while i am 17 years old now,does grenade fat burner will be affected my growth

-- Response by Approved Administrator --

Hi Tommy, grenade will not affect your growth or development so you will be fine in that aspect. Make sure you are drinking at least 1 litre more of water a day then usual, and don't take them later then 4pm on a none training day as it can keep you awake all night.


19/12/2012 21:03:13

hello, im currently taking reflex thermo fusion and reflex diet protean, would i see better results if i switched to grenade could i also take the diet protean at the same time

thank you

-- Response by Approved Administrator --

Hi Elliot, Grenade may work better for you as thermo fusion is simply a thermogenic. Grenade is a thermogenic but also acts as a mild diuretic meaning it will release all the excess water weight your body carries, leading to even more weight loss. The high dosage of green tea is an anti-oxident and it also prevents muscle breakdown meaning you will retain as much muscle whilst dieting as possible. And yes it is fine to use with Diet protein.


04/12/2012 13:02:01

I work 5 days a week 8 til 4, and I then hit the gym at 5. I take my first 2 pills first thing in the morning but I am unsure when to take the next 2, should I take them before lunch as instructed or wait until my gym workout at 5 and take them then I am really looking to shift fat fast.

-- Response by Approved Administrator --

Hi Ryan, it is advisable to take them about 4pm at the latest really. This is because the stimulants in it are very strong so the later you take them the later you will actually sleep due to the stimulants. So any time before then as long as you have 4 hours between taking the first tablets and the second you will be fine.


21/11/2012 15:13:35

Hi there,
I have been working out for 1.5 year now..
I used to weight 103 kgs and now i am weighing 87 kgs..
And for past 3 months, i am not seeing any succes..Some people say its a plateau..
So i am planning to buy Grenade thermo detonator..
But i am confused because i have been listening alot of myths about Fat can you please help me answering my questions :

1. People say Fat burners are not good for health, it increases chance of heart attacks..
2. Watever weight i ll loose by using fat burners, it will come back
when i stop using it..
3. Fat burners can also cause impotency
4. After consuming fat burners..our metabolism gets when we stop consuming them..our metabolism will be much slower (comparitively )..

-- Response by Approved Administrator --

Hi Ansh, fat burners are safe if you use them correctly and listen to your body. Fat burners are stimulants so can increase your heart rate, but caffeine also does the same thing. Just pay attention to how you respond to them because people do react differently to things. The reason alot of people tend to put weight back on is because they tend to diet and eat healthily when using them, then tend to go back to eating how they did before so start consuming more calories again. Fat burners only burn more calories then you usually can by increasing your bodys base rate body temperature to burn more calories. It's not a miracle pill that some people do assume. I've never heard of a fat burner causing impotency and have never seen a medical fact stating so. The whole fat burners degrade metabolisms is a myth, The only thing that actually did this are proper T5's which contain ephadrine (speed) and amphetamines and these are class A drugs, so will badly affect your body. Fat burners you buy in shops are 100% legal and do not contain any illegal substances, there full of stimulants to increase energy and body temperature. Drink plenty of water when using a fat burner and do not abuse them and you will be fine.


06/11/2012 12:09:50

Can girls consume grenade without exercising Will it still helps to lose weight

And can i eat 1 capulse in the morning without eating breakfast and then have lunch around 11 1

-- Response by Approved Administrator --

Hi Dw, Yes girls can consume grenade without excercising. What i would suggest is taking 1 or 2 capsules to test your tolerence, and work your way up to 4 if you need to. Make sure you drink plenty of water whilst on grenade as it will increase your metabolism, meaning your thirst can increase and you can become dehydrated.


25/10/2012 08:23:29

Hi I took my first grenade capsule today around 2pm went to the gym for two hours in the evening but could not sleep until 3am in the morning, is this because of grenade If so when s the best time for me to take them so I can still get a good nights sleep

-- Response by Approved Administrator --

Hi Jamie, grenade has high dosages of stimulates in it which is likely why you were kept awake. If you are taking all 4 capsules in one go then i would suggest only taking 2, if you only took 1 then it may just be the initial impact of stimulates you are not used to. 4pm is the cut off point for taking them to enable to sleep but if they are keeping you awake still, then take them alot earlier in the day to ensure you can sleep properly afterwards.


20/10/2012 00:13:12

I want to know if this works just to give me more energy during the day, I dont want to loose weight, I am trying to gain more muscle mass.
I take proteins 3 times a day (morning, after workout, night) and Opti-Men for vitamins. I do workout almost everyday

will this product help me to be more awake and not loose weight Or is it any other better to do what I want

-- Response by Approved Administrator --

Hi AG, this is a fat burner so it would make you lose weight. You would be better with either caffeine tablets to fuel you through the day, or a pre workout to give you energy. Or you could try amino energy tablets by optimum nutrition these will give you energy throughout the day with out losing weight.

Chris G

05/09/2012 15:33:58

Hi There,

I have been using grenade for 2 days. I go to the gym about 4 times a week. i do some cardio but prodominantly weights on upper body.
Will this be enough to see effective results
Im also worried about loosing muscle size that i have already gained


-- Response by Approved Administrator --

Hi Chris G, Grenade will certainly help you loose body fat. To stop your body breaking down muscle supplement your diet with protein such as Reflex instant Whey. Great for in between meals and to increase your protein intake.

Chris G

05/09/2012 15:32:25

Hi There,

I have been using grenade for 2 days. I go to the gym about 4 times a week. i do some cardio but prodominantly weights on upper body.
Will this be enough to see effective results
Im also worried about loosing muscle size that i have already gained


-- Response by Approved Administrator --

Hi Chris G, The Grenade will certainly help you reduce body fat. If you want to maintain as much muscle as possible use a protein 2-3 a day. This will stop muscle break down. also training legs frequently will help with overall mass and fat reduction.


05/07/2012 19:15:43

Can I take BioRhythm Androblix and Regenerate with granades

-- Response by Approved Administrator --

Hi Craig

Yes using all 3 supplements synergestically will yield better overall results, none of the 3 chosen will interfere with one another.


17/06/2012 20:32:31

Hi there,

Just started taking grenade, looking to cut body fat. Can anyone tell me if it s ok to take these while taking creatine ethyl ester akg and on protein and carb shakes. I m training roughly 10 times a week on a steady diet.

72kg at the moment, I have 5 weeks to get to 63kg for next fight.

Cheers, Jeremy

-- Response by Approved Administrator --

hi jeremy you are fine to take the grenades with the other products that you are currently taking -

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