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5 Mass Gaining Tips

Over the years I have lost count of the amount of people who have commented on how they can't understand why they dont put on weight  / muscle  , thinking that they must be some kind of hard gainer or that they have been dealt a cruel hand with their genetic make up. Very often the answers are far more simple than they would imagine or indeed like to admit. I have been there myself and made all the same mistakes , speaking as a naturally skinny person who spent 5 years training in long distance running ( this diid not help the issue !!) I understand the pitfalls of trying to put on size and where most people go wrong. The following are some tips that I feel can help people to cut through the bullshit and to go on to get the results they are trying hard to get.

1. Increase your carbohydrate intake - You will have more energy , be stronger in the gym and recover faster.....especially if you make sure that you supply good amounts before during and after exercise  . This will also ensure that you get the fuel when you need it the most......when your body is working. Many people fall into the pitfall of increasing their protein intake but they need to understand that high protein foods are not very calorific in general especially when compared to carbohydrates and fats. I do not come across many people who do not eat enough protein but I see many who should increase carbohydrates and fats.....which leads to my next point nicely.

2. Make sure that you are eating a good amount of healthy fats  - If you really need to bump up your calorie intake and trust me some people really do....then Fats are an easy way to do this. Foods such as nuts , nut butters , olive oil , coconut fat , oily fish , eggs , avocado's are all really heallthy foods that are also calorific. It is also worth noting that eating a healthy amount of these foods helps the body with natural testosterone production which for any person trying to gain muscle should be enough of a reason to eat them. The other great thing with fats such as olive oil is that they make it easy to add extra calories without even noticing it ......simply adding a tablespoon of olive oil adds over 100 calories to your daily total.

3. Monitor your weight gain - You would not believe how many people complain about not gaining weight and when you ask them how often they weigh themselves they tell me once a month or every so often. For weight gain and weight loss the key thing is to monitor and then to make changes if need be , If you do not know whether your weight is increasing at the correct rate per week how do you know if you are eating enough food. It is also important as you do not want to eat TOO MUCH as you will end up piling on too much body fat . We have all heard those people tell us that they have gained a stone in a month......well that may be but I most of it will be body fat , weight gain like weight loss is best done at a slower rate ( 1 pound a week is perfect ).

4. Make sure that you are training correctly - There are people out there who are trying to gain weight whilst training every day , very often hammering the cardio as well as the weight training. Now I am all for keeping a certain level of conditioning even when aiming to gain weight but 2 sessions per week is enough for any person to stay fit whilst aiming to gain weight / muscle mass. If you truly are a hard gainer with a very fast metabolism then this can be even more of an issue so people need to keep in mind what their current goal is and train accordingly. In essence people should be striving to get stronger on good basic compound lifts utilising a blend of lower reps 3-5 and higher reps 6-15. This blend of strength and hypertrophy work is pretty much unbeatable as it covers the necessary factors for muscle growth - strength development and muscle time under tension.

5. Understand the importance of rest and recovery  - When it comes to gaining MASS rest and recovery is a key component that often gets overlooked by lots of people , taking days off from training allows physical and mental recovery from training to take place. The old saying "Muscle Growth takes place in the kitchen and in the bedroom"  is a good one as it highlights the importance of time spent outside the gym and that recovery is essential for gaining mass. Sleep , quality nutrition,sports supplements and time away from the gym are all important factors that should not be ignored.

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