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19 NOR

19 Nor - Nortestosterone has strong anabolic properties with less androgenic properties than testosterone, making this compound a popular muscle building agent

19 Nor is a commonly used name for a group of prohormones that includes two slightly different prohormones, 19 Norandrostenedione and 19 Norandrostenediol. Both of these substances are converted in the liver to nandralone, a blend of testosterone whose affects upon the body increase protein synthesis - a buildup of muscle tissue, possible aggression, hightened strength levels and possibly an ability to lower body fat levels. Whilst the 19 Nor Diol version is thought to have a better conversion rate, 19 Nor Dione is thought to have better bioavailability. In essense both products seem about equal in their effectiveness to convert to nandralone.

Taken orally 19-nor-4-androstendione or 19-nor-4-Androstendiol (norandrostendione - similar to chemical structure of androstendione/diol, minus the methyl group at the 19th position) convert in the liver to nortestosterone instead of testosterone. This conversion uses the 17-beta-hydroxysteroid dehydrogenase enzyme which is the same enzyme used by the body to convert androstendione to testosterone.

Nortestosterone has strong anabolic properties with less androgenic properties.

Testosterone is the primary male sex hormone which is manufactured in the lydig's cells of the testes at varying amounts throughout a persons life - typically between 2.5mg and 11 mg for a male and about 1/4 of a mg for women daily. Increasing in boys during puberty and tapering off to lower amounts later in life. Androgenic properties of this hormone include a deepened voice, body and facial hair growth, increased oil output by the subaceous glands, development of sexual organs, maturation of sperm and an increased libido. These being the main underlying effects differenciating men from women, whose primary sex hormone is estrogen which has very different effects upon the body.

The anabolic effects of testosterone produce growth promoting changes such as an enhanced rate of protein synthesis which leads to accumulation of muscle tissue and increased calcium retention in bones. Testosterone also increases the production rate of red blood cells. which increases the transport of oxygen around the body.

Hormones are secreted and are circulated around the body via the blood stream. Once they find receptor sites for their hormone they interact with that specific cell and cause the desired cellular effect by passing on the message to the cells nucleus. Once this operation is complete the testosterone molecule is freed up to circulate once more in the blood stream. If you imagine a lock and a key, we liken hormone and receptor sites to this principle. Only the specific key will lock into the specific key hole. With testosterone this typically means the androgen receptor sites located at several body tissues including skeletal muscle tissue.

Testosterone has a strong anti-catabolic effect. Cortisol - the bodies primary stress hormone sends the opposite message to muscle cells - to release protein.  This is the bodies usual response to maintain homeostasis - equilibrium. Our bodies don't typically like change - this is why is often hard to loose fat and hard to gain muscle. However anything that allows a lower catabolic environment and a higher anabolic enviornment is the key to increasing muscle and burning fat.

As well as increased protein synthesis a higher androgen level enhance production of creatine phosphate which plays a vital role in the production of the muscles primary fuel for contraction - ATP (adenosine tripohosphate). As muscles are stimulated to contract ATP is broken down into ADP (adenosine diphosphate), which releases energy. The cells then undergo a process using creatine phosphate to rapidly restore ADP to it's original structure in order to replenish ATP concentrations. During periods of intense training however this process is not fast enough to compensate and ATP levels will be lowered causing the muscles to fatigue and less able to effort a strenous contraction. With increased levels of CP available to the cells, ATP is replenished at an enhanced rate and the muscle is both stronger and more enduring. This is another reason for increased strength from a substance that increases testosterone.

As stated earlier 19-nor converts into nortestosterone rather than testosterone. With this being the case we find relatively few side effects. Nortestosterone binds to testosterone receptor sites and elcits good protein building and sparring effects, however there is no rise estrogen and so no water retention or fat storage should be noticed. The oil glands are typically not stimulated highly and there is little chance of any prostate enlargement or hair growth/loss etc. This makes 19-nor probably one of the safest, naturally occuring substances to elicit similar effects to steroids legally available.

Effective dosages of 19 Nor are generally regarded as being around 200mg per day (although the cyclodextrin versions require dosages of only around a tenth of this).

19 Nor is best taken first thing in the morning to coincide with the bodies natural high levels of hormone. It is also suggested that taking them around 60 minutes before training is advantageous, both for strength and coinciding with natural hormone highs achieved during brief intense training.

19 Nor is effective for women, and has no androgenic properties. (ie masculinating).

Cyclodextrin based 19 Nor has become very popular. A cyclodextrin is a form of carbohydrate bound to fat soluble compounds, that can be absorbed through the cavity membrane under the tongue, transporting whatever it has been bonded with straight into the blood stream. This technique is used in the medical world for drug transportation. Cyclodextrins therefore cause the 19 Nor to bypass the digestive system, resulting in a 900% better absorption rate. Allowing smaller doses to be taken to give a good effect.

As with any prohormone an alteration of ones own endocrinal system may be altered. For this reason it may be of importance for some to do a little extra research into these compounds before taking them or even checking with a physician to have a checkup or blood chemistry analysis before embarking a course of prohormones.

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