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5 Technique Pointers for the Big 3 Lifts

If there is one thing that I have learned it is when you coach a person you don’t want to give them too much to think about at once. Information overload is never a good thing and just leads to a slower learning curve. As such I have devised 5 simple technique pointers to help people perform the big 3 lifts with good technique.

The Deadlift

1.    Line the bar up with the mid foot – feet approx shoulder width
2.    With a slight knee bend hinge back at the hips – like a good morning
3.    With your arms straight bend your knees enough to reach the bar
4.    With your chest up apply tension through the lats and glutes
5.    Ensuring everything is tight and you have taken a big belly breath of air squeeze the weight off the floor by driving your feet through the floor..ensure you push your hips through so that you are standing straight – do not hyperextend and go too far.

The Squat

1.    Grab the bar tightly with a narrow as grip as your flexibility allows with the bar resting on your upper back in a comfortable place with your shoulder blades together.
2.    With your chest up take a deep breath and unrack the weight..step back with as few steps as possible
3.    Think chest up and keep it up all the time, tight grip, elbows down back under the bar
4.    Take a big belly breath, initiate the movement with your hips first and then push your knees out to the side as you sit back.
5.    Once you are down to parallel or below drive your upper back into the bar and come back to the starting point.

The Bench Press

1.    Set up on the bench with shoulder blades together and down towards your pockets with your chest up. There should be a slight arch in your back, your ankles should be behind your knees to ensure good leg drive with your legs apart providing a stable base.
2.    Everything should be tight especially your grip with your glutes and legs contracted – now unrack the bar and pull out to just over your lower chest.
3.    Actively try and break the bar apart this will give you a slight elbow tuck
4.    Ensuring your wrists stay strong and straight..row the bar down to your lower chest upper abdomen this will ensure you use your lats correctly.
5.    Once the bar hits your chest drive your feet into the ground and push yourself back into the bench – think more of pushing yourself away from the bar than pushing the bar up.

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