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SSIN Juice A Review of BioRhythms PreWorkout

Looking through the forum and working in the store over a long period of time I have noticed one subject create the most debate, yes everyone wants to know the best protein, the best mass gainer and best testosterone boosters but .....

One thing I've always noticed is everyone more than anything is intrigued by the idea of Pre workout products.

The problem is with pre workout products is there are such a wide range of great products out there and there is no stand out market leader. Also with all experienced gym goers having there own opinion on what is the best. So when it comes to a beginner wanting to try one for the first time they'll often get mixed reviews while looking on forums with different people saying there opinion of what they 'Must use' and their friends saying nothing works as good as the one their using. One thing is for sure, all the top pre workout products out there have there strengths and weaknesses and what it truely comes down to is what you want most from from product whether its the stimulant's and focus ingredients, the nitric oxide for pump or one which has a high amount of Beta Alanine for superb endurance. Then of course there are your products that are good all rounders but not as strong as others with one particular ingredient. What I want to do is to try shed some light on the debate with a set of unbiased reviews on the leaders in the pre workout industry, I will use them and give an in depth review on what is good about the product, what is not so good and my personal opinion on the product based on how it influenced my workout. During these reviews you can also catch me on the forum and ask me questions on my experiences. Also if there are any pre workouts you want me to review for you before you buy let me know.

So with all that out the way, I thought It was fitting to start right at the top with Bodyactive's own best seller Ssin Juice. Ssin juice is generally very well priced and is considered a very good all rounder. It's key ingredients are caffeine for energy, L-tyrosine and Geranium stem for focus, Beta Alanine for endurance and L-Arginine for 'the pump'. Anyone that has been in a Bodyactive store or hung around the forum will probably have already heard a lot about Ssin Juice. With it being one of the big players in the pre workout market I decided to finish a full tub before writing a review to give a thorough review.

After a month of using my findings were impressive, I was very impressed, for the first two weeks I felt unstoppable. The stimulants and and focus ingredients made me train with such intensity and with certain workouts I felt like I was the only guy in the gym. At times after finishing a set I was so hyped up that I had to stop myself from starting the second set after about 10 seconds. This is very impressive as when I train its usually in the evenings when I'm exhausted and feel like a nap but after drinking this theres nothing I'd rather do than train. The other key ingredient I noticed greatly was the beta alanine, you can really feel your face tingling (which is a sign of beta alanine working) and I did feel it took a while longer to get lactic acid build up. The one key ingredient I was disappointed in was the L-Arginine, I never really felt much pump from this product. I started on two scoops for the first two weeks and upped it for the 3rd week to 2 and a half scoops as I started to build a tolerance. On the fourth week after building up tolerance again I tried 3 scoops but unfortunately this was too much and felt like I just needed to lie down as I felt a bit too anxious. I dropped back down to two and a half scoops again which was good but never quite managed to find the balance that brought the incredible intensity of the first two weeks. Overall I found this to be a great product and would say everyone should try this at some point especially with it being such a bargain. The only thing I would say is if all your interested in is achieving the pump then maybe this isn't the pre workout for you.


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