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Grenade 50-Calibre Field Test Review

The pre-workout market is set to change forever. In the last few weeks the FDA in the states has served notice on a long list of manufacturers to stop making and distributing products containing the stimulant 1, 3-dimethylamylamine (also called Geranium Stem). This of course is the main ingredient in Jack3D and all its follow on clones.

In the UK, this ingredient already runs foul of the Medical Health authorities, and although widely available it will now start to vanish pretty quickly as all US stock dries up.

So what does the future hold for pre-workouts?. Well Grenade, an innovative UK company who currently run with just the one product 'Grenade Thermo Detonator' have been working on an alternative for quite some time, so the release of their new product Grenade 50-Calibre couldn't come at a better time.

The first thing to say is that 50-Calibre is UK over the counter compliant, and will be available in health food stores and on UK websites. but does this mean its a weak and watered don version that wont be able to do the job?

There was only one thing to do. We went to Grenade and asked for some early samples to try it out. Next we recruited some experienced supplement users to act as guinea pigs, and off to the gym they went. Here's the feedback we got:

"I used a single serving and had a great workout. Focus was excellent. I Usually use SSin Juice, and in comparrison I'd say it was more subtle, less in your face. But still, over the duration of my workout, my energy levels were really high and my focus was spot on. Great workout".
Paul - Strength Coach and BodyActive employee

"I use Rampage and SSin Juic at 1 scoop per workout pretty much at every workout. I used a single serving of 50-calibre. I'd say the feeling was most like Driven Sports Craze, it really gets your mind running at double speed. I love this feeling as it made my leg session fly by. When I got to my max weight it still felt like a warm up. Didnt give me quite the same buzz as my usuall 2 though".
Matt - Weight Trainier/Bodybuilder

"Used a single serving. I normally use SSin Juice at a single serving. The 'kick' is nothing like SSin, but the pump and mental focus is spot on. I think I'd have to use a double serving to get a kick, but to be honest, I'm more after the pump and focus anyway".
Darren BodyActive employee

"Jumped straight in with a double serving and felt wired as hell".
Dave - Weight Training and BodyActive employee

"I used 1 and a half servings and didn't really get a lot off it. Having said that I usually use 3 scoops of SSin Juice so I'd say I'm pretty dulled down to pre-workouts now".
Mark - MMA and Weight Training enthusiast and BodyActive employee

"I used a double serving and was blown away. I've used everything from Jack3d, Nox Pump, SSin Juice and this was every bit as good. We workout speed was phenomenal, pretty much didnt stop the whole way through".
Keiron - Weight Trainier and Outdoor Activities Enthusiast. BodyActive employee

So thats our feedback. A little mixed as you might expect, but probably enough for most people to get a good feeling of what to expect.

If you want to read the full description along with full list of ingredients, how they work, and what to expect take a look at Greanade 50-Calibre.

As of 16th May, its in and ready to ship. If you want to try it out, enter coupon CALIBRE50 at checkout and get a 10% discount (available only during our introductory period which ends midnight 20th May 2012.

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