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Applied Nutrition Rage NO3 Super Vascularity

The ultimate training amplifier takes Nitric Oxide supplements to the next level by including research proven ingredients with scientific expertise In short, if you are looking to intensify your workouts, achieve greater mental focus during exercise and experience an enhanced muscular pump, look no further than RAGE NO3.

Its quite odd really the supplement market isn't it? So many new products come and go over a year that its difficult to keep track of them all. In fact its surprising how often supplements enter the high street and pass under the radar without everyone noticing them.

Last week half a dozen of us here at BodyActive were checking out what supplements we each used, and asking them to explain why they used it over other choices. We then came to one of the guys who runs his own coaching business and amongst his stash was Applied Nutritions Rage NO3 which he absolutely swears by. Every one of us had to check the label out to see what was in it and what might make it special. Clearly something that had slipped under our collective radar's.

After checking it out we decided to ask Adam, the technical product developer at Applied Nutrition, to give us the low down on what led him to develop Rage NO3.

Here's few snippets of what Adam told us............

Did you know that research has shown that the pump you feel from your usual Nitric Oxide supplement is probably due to the insulin spike caused by Arginine consumption and not from a true Nitric Oxide pump? This isn?t what you are paying for?

RAGE NO3 is the first product on the UK market containing compounds that have been tried and tested in the Pharmaceutical industry. These compounds are scientifically proven to directly increase levels of blood Nitric Oxide. This maximises vasodilation meaning more blood can get into your muscle tissue carrying important nutrients for increased endurance, growth and repair. In a placebo controlled study, compounds found in RAGE NO3 were shown to increase endurance and improve oxygen flow & usage.

RAGE NO3 achieves all of this by including Amino Acid Nitrates to a Nitric Oxide supplement. These groundbreaking compounds dramatically increase Nitric Oxide levels. The heightened levels of Nitric Oxide enable greater Nitrogen retention and protein synthesis. Nitrates have been proven to increase the bio-availability of other nutrients enabling your body to absorb and utilise the more efficiently.

RAGE NO3 contains a specific blend of Waxy Maize Starch, Creatine Nitrate and Creatine Monohydrate to increase muscular endurance and improve recovery. RAGE NO3 also contains Alpha Lipoic Acid to regulate blood sugar levels, force nutrients into your muscle tissue and work synergistically with added Vitamin C as antioxidants. Antioxidants combat exercise-induced free radical damage which can occur during strenuous exercise.

RAGE NO3 increases your energy, mental alertness and focus through the inclusion of Microencapsulated Caffeine and Taurine. With coated Caffeine one does not have to worry about Caffeine withdrawal and the symptoms associated with it since blood levels are sustained and therefore a crash is avoided.

.................... of particular interest to us was the use of amino acid nitrates, which there is a lot of literature to support its effectiveness. Not only does it seem to support muscle retention by reducing the amount of muscle tissue broken down during training, but it also seems to increase protein storage, ie more of the protein we eat stays in our body.

However, key to the benefits of aa nitrates seem to be be its ability to increase blood serum levels of nitric oxide, this means its the real deal for vasodilatation, real pumps that not only last but enhance performance.

In testing, we found the product to be excellent for pumps, great for sustained high level performance, and right at the top of the scale for mental focus.

Its level of stimulation was quite mild compared to the likes of SSIN Juice and Rampage, but nonetheless present and effective without stopping you sleep 6 hours later. Two of us did retry it the next day with a single serving of Rampage and that was mind blowing - but not something we'd recommend.

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