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Alpha-Genesis The Complete Natural Anabolic

Applied Nutrition Alpha-Genesis represents a revolution in natural anabolics. Quite frankly, this intricate matrix is MORE than just a testosterone booster - hence it being dubbed as a next generation "Natural Anabolic". Unlike other formula's, Alpha-Genesis doesn't just work to stimulate a mild increase in serum testosterone levels.

It is focused on an array of anabolic hormones; all of which are massively important to athletes looking to gain that physical or aesthetic edge on the competition.

Not convinced? Let us explain the science and synergy behind the key ingredients that fortify the matrix:

Na-M-DAA: D-Aspartic Acid had a huge breakout year towards the latter end of 2010, and it has rapidly increased in popularity throughout 2011 - for good reason, too. DAA elevates the cellular production and secretion of Leutizining Hormone (LH) and the steroid hormone testosterone, leading to an overall increase in testosterone levels in the bloodstream. In fact, DAA is so potent in exerting these effects quickly that it has been shown in studies with healthy young male's to show an average increase in LH between 18-122%, in addition to an average increase of 45.5% in natural testosterone production! Why is this significant? Because the studies shown exponential increases in healthy male's without pre-existing testosterone troubles, and also a strong consistency across the range of subjects.

Alpha-Genesis includes a super-potent, 100% pharmaceutical grade version of DAA that is gauranteed to produce stellar results. You can put your faith in the DAA we've sourced.

Avena Sativa: It is suspected that Avena Sativa works to stimulate an increase in Leutinizing Hormone (LH), similar to many other testosterone boosting compounds. However, this rich oat extract has many other profound benefits that convinced us to include it in the formula: namely reduced anxiety, which should have a positive correlation to reducing stress and cortisol production. This was a key attribute to include as Alpha-Genesis strives to look for unique pathways to induce anabolism. Other benefits include a reduction in cholesterol and blood triglycerides, with studies reliably indicating that Avena Sativa can promote these aspects of health.

Fenugreek: Not only has Fenugreek been used extensively throuhgout the years as a reliable testosterone booster, the purpose behind its inclusion in Alpha-Genesis was beyond that. We immediately recognised Fenugreek as a potent ingredient able to increase insulin sensitivity in various tissues and hormonal sensitivity. By increasing our response to insulin, we can further maximise several crucial growth factors necessary in potentiating anabolism, and it strengthens the formula even further. Additionally, Fenugreek may also elevate Growth Hormone levels making this a distinctively alluring attribute to have in your arsenal.

Beta-Ecdysterone: Ecdysterone is a steroid hormone involved in many important developments in the body. While ecdysterone may induce many positive effects on general health and has demonstrated positive biological activity, we were intrigued by its potential to be utilised as an anabolic agent. Ecdysterone appears to have a powerful influence over cell proliferation and nutrient metabolism. For you, that means unparalleled surges in protein synthesis, regulated blood sugar and a reduction in serum cholesterol - all aspects that are crucial to aspiring athletes.

Vitamin D3 (D3 Cholecalciferol): Vitamin D is actually similar to B Vitamins in that they are a group of several compounds. What's startling and you may not realise it: we are in an epidemic situation of Vitamin D deficiency. The problem is that it's hard to obtain through the diet, and are naturally means of deriving it are actually through the good old sun. You may not realise the importance of vitamin D, but it appears to have a key role to play in nearly every biological mechanism in the body. How would you feel if we told you is associated with improved insulin sensitivty, enhanced testosterone production, androgen sensitivity, more circulating testosterone and lower amounts of Sex Hormone Binding-Globulin (SHBG)? If you had seen the science behind this, you would be amazed, believe us. Vitamin D3 also demonstrates potent Aromatase Inhibitory action, making it ideal for estrogen control. We could talk about it all day, it's that good.

In addition to these wondrous ingredients in proud dosages, Alpha-Genesis provides essential vitamins and minerals involved in testosterone formation and skeletal muscle tissue preservation. This includes Zinc, Coppor, Boron, Magnesium and Vitamin C & B12.

Alpha-Genesis is MORE than a testosterone booster. It's the ultimate recomposition agent: perfect for athletes looking to enhance their performance, increase testosterone levels, lower estrogen, utilise for Post-Cycle Therapy (PCT), and even increased lipolysis / fat burning.

Old habits die hard in the sport supplement industry, but here is an intricate matrix with thought and precision behind it. Alpha-Genesis is the first natural anabolic to work on the imperative biochemical pathways in your body to not only maximise healthy testosterone levels, but simultaneously moderate estrogen, increase general health and aesthetic appeal. It's a multi-purpose attack on perfecting the body's key hormones pivotal to your success.

The revolution has started. Which side are YOU on?

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