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Compare Atlas Superweight Gainer 1500

In this review I'm going to compare Atlas Superweight Gainer 1500 to Critical Mass 2700, two very different muscle building weight gain supplements, both of which I've recommended to many many customers over the years.

I'll start with my usual disclaimer when I do a product comparrison. I'm not going to tell you which the 'best' product is, I'm not going to rubbish one product to sell another, What I hope I am going to do is help you decide which product is the 'best' weight gainer for you.

On the face of it, Atlas Superweight Gainer has been seen as a low cost, low quality product by some for many years as its typically been one of the lowest priced weight gain powders on the market. In fact looking at the pricing today as I write this comparing the Critical Mass 2700 4.4kg bag and the Atlas 5Kg tub you get about 22% more powder for your money with the Atlas gainer.

Now this looks like it might support your initial view that Atlas is a cheap and cheerful product, but if you look a bit more closely you'll notice something quite suprissing. Whereas most bargain basement weight gainers get 10-15% of their calories from protein, and good quality ones usually come is at 20-25 (like Critical Mass at 22%), Atlas comes in at a whopping 38% of calories from protein.

When you factor this is, you actually get more than twice as much protein in the Atlas Gainer for your cash than you do from Critical Mass.

This makes Superweight Gainer fantastic value for money in anyones book.

For many of us, a potential short coming in the Superweight Gainer comes in its carbohydrate profile. All the carbohydrates are sugars, and this makes up 53% of the total calories per serving. Compared to Critical Mass which comes in at around 23% which is substantially lower.

So who does this nutritional profile suit, who is this product going to work best for?

There are 2 times of day when a higher sugar content is a positive factor. Those two times are straight after waking up, and immediately after a workout. So if you only use a weight gain for breakfast or as a post workout supplement then the Atlas gainer is well suited to you.

For younger, highly active, individuals this level of carbohydratescan be a positive factor. It provides a ready source of energy which acts as a muscle and protein sparring ingredient making gaining body weight a far more achievable goal.

If you take a small amount of weight gain with meals to supplement protein/total calories and you generally eat high fibre meals (low glycemic index foods) then a small serving of Atlas Superweight Gainer would again make a good value option.

The final group who will get the best out of Atlas are those who like to blend foods into their weight gain. The Atlas product if mixed with oats, barley or maize makes a great tasting, textured shake much like many of the 'breakfast shakes' currently on the market and at a fraction of the price.

If you'd like more information on the product then take a look at, the brand owners website who sell direct to the public. Alternatively most of the big supplement retailers stock Atlas Superweight Gainer and its pretty consistantly priced across the board.

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