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Critical Mass Gaining Program

For some of you out there it may seem a puzzle that so many of us find it difficult to gain weight. Maybe you diet day in day out and after several weeks of continuously feeling hungry, you're gutted to discover you've only lost a pound or two, or even worse gained a few pounds. Well, my sympathies are with you honestly, because when it comes to gaining weight, putting on muscle mass, for some of us the challenge is every bit as difficult.

Well, over the years I think I've come up with a few options that 'hardgainers' will find deliver results, rapidly, consistently and are almost guaranteed to work for 100% of us. The cornerstone is a a good weight gain supplement, a good basic diet, and a few techniques to make the whole process easy to follow, easy to stick to and incredibly easy.

Now there are plenty of weight gain supplements on the market, but the one I have had most success with my customers and therefore the one I have recommended for years is the muscle mass builder known as Critical Mass 2700, a high protein, low glycemic index staggeringly high calorie super dense meal replacement.

Now I don't want to go overboard on my reasons for choosing Critical Mass because its just one component of these strategies. However, just for completeness, my reasons are as follows:

  • When gaining mass, its even more critical than when losing fat, that you focus on eating a 'clean' diet. An excess of non bio-available calories results in excess fat storage, a common problem with weight gain supplements and a principal reason for their less than perfect reputation in the supplement world.
  • Critical Mass 2700 contains a high ratio of protein to carbohydrates. Many mass gainers contain ratios of 1:5 or higher, resulting in a very heavy liquid carbohydrate diet resulting in insulin swings and high fat storage. OthersĀ  have ratios of 1:2 or less which simply doesn't supply the calorie level from carbohydrates to provide sufficient energy and protein sparring effects.
  • The carbohydrates in CM2700 are a blend, heavily focused on waxy maize starch a very low gycemic index carbohydrate resulting in sustained moderately high insulin levels which creates an ideal muscle 'anabolic' environment.
  • The inclusion of MCT's a special fat which acts like a carbohydrate in many ways except it doesnt elevate insulin, doesn't lend itself to fat storage, and actually stimulates fatty tissue loss.

There are many other reasons, however, I don't want to belabor the choice of product, simply emphasis that my choice isn't arbitrary, and you can see real customer reviews too.

OK, lets get down to the fundamentals. First off, I always recommend a 6 meal a day plan. This follows the simple concept of eating every 3 hours, eg 8am, 11am, 2pm, 5pm, 8pm and 11pm. You dont have to use those times, and you can be flexible in the intervals from 2 to 4 hours.

Alternate a solid food meal with a liquid meal, and always take the liquid meal in water rather than milk. Using water rather than milk allows for easier and faster passage of the Critical Mass 2700 through the stomach reducing that bloating feeling when you next come to eat.

Eating solid food alternated with a liquid meal also ensures healthy digestive and bowel activity, and again, having 6 hours between solid food meals allows for more complete stomach emptying and a reduced feeling of bloating.

The solid food meals should be as 'clean' as possible, ie stick to basic foods with as little processing as possible. For instance choose potatoes, rice or pasta rather than chips. Choose a simple chicken breast, a piece of fish or red meat, rather than a sausage, pie, bacon or burgers.

Ensure you eat one or two portions of green vegetables at each meal and one or two portions of fruit with breakfast.

You need to do this for 6 days a week. Thats 6 meals a day for 6 days.

On the seventh day, you can take a break. In fact you must take a break! Aim to eat 3 regular sized meals, and one or two of these meals can be cheat meals. Enjoy a burger and fries, enjoy a big piece of apple pie, whatever your fancy.

This lower calorie day not only acts as a mental relief from having to eat so much all week, but allows your metabolism to reset itself and gives your digestive system a break from all the work its having to do.

Now I'd just like to cover few pointers that often make people feel that they've failed and leads them to drop out of the plan:

  • If you have one or even two cheat meals through the week, all is not lost. Forgive yourself and get back on track at the next meal. Remember, you're eating close to 40 meals a week. One or two less than perfect meals every so often wont make much difference in the long run.
  • If you skip 2 or 3 meals one day, then simply start again the next day from day 1 and eat 6 meals a day for the next 6 days.
  • Don't feel you have to eat to the point of being sick. If you overeat, your body compensates by not digesting the food. You don't absorb the calories, you dont gain the muscle mass, you just feel stuffed!
  • You can have alcohol. Just be moderate. If you know you're having a big drinking session, then do it on the day you are only having 3 meals and try to keep them low fat and low alcohol.
And a few words of caution:
  • Hardgainers will typically lose weight easily. One day of poor eating will take 4 days of high calorie eating to get back to where you started. Consequently if you have one bad day each week where you don't bother eating your 6 meals and maybe have 3 instead, you'll find that you make no progress that week. Do it week in, week out and it shouldn't surprise you that you get nowhere.
  • Taking a high maltodextrin weight gainer or eating high fat, high calorie meals will result in excess fat storage rather than good solid muscle mass gains.
  • After gaining 10% bodyweight, you should look to go on a weight maintenance diet for a month or two. This allows your metabolism to return to a more normal level, and allows your body the time it needs to adjust to a new normal bodyweight.

Finally, a word on training. And the word is progression.

When gaining weight, to ensure you increase muscle mass its vital that your training is based on a solid progressive overload program. Ideally based around key core exercises. Train with few exercises, few sets and ensure that at every workout you add just the smallest amount of additional weight.

I've written several articles on progressive overload, so take a look at a few if you need ideas.

If you want variations on this muscle building diet plan, let me know and I'll write a few more techniques I've used with customers over the years.

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