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Lose Body Fat Whilest Drinking Wine and Alcohol

Can I drink alcohol?. Probably one of the most frequently asked questions asked by the physique and figure folks who are relatively new to the gym and want to explore how much they have to sacrifice in order to obtain that body they've always wanted. Your more experienced gym goers dont ask because the answer is obvious isnt it?

Well if you're one of those people who think alcohol is off the menu if you want to lose body fat then you may be in for a pleasant shock. Not only can you drink, but you can drink a surprising amount and still create that perfect body so long as you follow a few simple 'rules'.

Ok, so lets cut to the chase, heres how to drink as much alcohol as you like without even having to count calories.

  • On the day of drinking, restrict fat to about half of what you would normally eat, equivalent to no more than 0.3g per kilo of bodyweight. For a 100kg person this equates to only 30g of fat.
  • Only eat carbohydrates from veggies, restricting carbs from breads, potatoes, rice, pasta, oats and grains. Aim for around 1.5g per kilo of bodyweight. For the 100kg person this equates to 150g of carbs.
  • Avoid fruit juice alltogether and limit fruits.
  • Eat as much lean protein as you want. No calorie restriction, just eat and enjoy. Choose from chicken, fish, egg whites, lean meats and protein powders.
  • Avoid high carb alcohol such as sweet wines and beers.
  • Choose your alcohol from dry wines (typically 0.5g or carbs per glass) and spirits (practically zero carbs), but drink freely.
  • Limit this to 1 day per week!

Ok, so how can you easily spot low carbohydrate wine or wine with a low alcohol content (ABV)? The easiest solution is to find a website such as the Wine Store which allows you to filter wine by ABV, by colour and remember to select 'Dry', Similarly you can identify lower alcohiol (or higher if thats the goal) spirits by filtering on ABV.

Now alcohol supresses fat oxidation, meaning your fat loss will slow down, but by keeping fats in the diet low and carbohydrates to low levels of high GI, you'll create very little opportunity for your body to actually store fat. Furthermore, the high protein content will create a 'feel full' sensation that will make it unlikly that you will eat excess calories through the day despite the high alcohol consumption.

The following day its important to get back into a good eating pattern straight away, although your first meal of the day will need tocontain electrolytes, some simple carbs and a little fat. Keep it small and get back on track quick and you are pretty much assured of a zero damage night of drinking.

Just bear in mind though, excess drinking carries risks way outside the scope of fat loss, so keep it sensible!

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