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A Guide to Fat Loss

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year

Its here again. Boy, that was fast. Its Christmas and New Year and its more than the geese that are getting fat. Most people relax off their training and their diet goes completely to pot at Christmas. And why not. Sometimes in life you have to stop and smell the roses right? Of course you do. Sit back, relax, review the last year and enjoy yourself for a couple of weeks. Lay off the hardcore intensity. Eat turkey sandwhiches and drink mulled wine. Enjoy life from an entirely different perspective. Then once you have done all that, get yourself back in the driving seat because it's time to think about the year ahead.

What do you want? Start making some goals. Have a few thoughts about where you want to be in a years time. So you can enjoy christmas even more next year. What will you have achieved. How lean will you actually be. Next year, will you be able to stare down at your uplifted T-shirt at a set of rock hard chiseled abdominals on New Years Day Of course you can. It is entirely possible to achieve such dreams. So many people all around you have done just that.

I dont know about you but my last year has been one that is more than crazy. Im in an entirely different world this Christmas than I was last christmas. So much can change in one year. Your body can change so much in as little as six weeks! Think about it as you enjoy that chocolate and Christmas pudding mix and swill it down with a nice glass of wine. Think about it. The pleasures there are great short term. Its the holidays. Relax and enjoy. But what are the long ter, pleasures you are setting yourself up for now this year. I hope they are good ones. I hope you are going to be challenging yourself. I know I am.

I want to get as much fat off me as fast as possible. Im starting to feel a little more than disgusted at my brief and momentary gluttony. Id prefer to have rock hard chiseled abs all year round. Im going to make that a possibility. Im going to have the ultimate six pack this year. And why not. I know how to do it and I know what I must do and sacrifice to get there. I have to admit though I dont like dieting. I love food too much. I dont like rabbit food. I like real food. Chinese and pizza. Is that bad? Maybe. Maybe it is. But I like to have a decent physique just as much.

Oh, the TORMENT right!

Well to be honest yes and no. I love food and so I have created the best cyclic diet you can imagine. And I cant do it alone. I know that. Why should I do it alone with no help and no assistance when out there are the perfect things to make life all that more simple. All that more easy. Out there are all the things that make dieting a doddle so why should I struggle. Not only am I going to be following an easy ketogenic cyclic diet with three cheat days and a carb meal every so often - Im going to back up my efforts with a little superior assistance.

My personal favourite is SAN's Tight but Im sure you will all have your own. I find Fat Loss supplements probably the greatest and most brilliant products in the sports industry. Why? Well, number one they work and you can rely on them. Number two, they make you feel amazing. Number three, sometimes you get to swallow a handful of awesome funky coloured pills that look like they mean business. Why do they look like that? Because, ladies and gentlemen - they do indeed mean business!

A Little Helping Hand Achieves Whopping Results
You dont have to put up with limited results at all. You dont have to eat rabbit food, vomit and feel ill all day long to lose a measily two pounds per week. You can eat fantastically, train hard and long and feel full of enthusiastic energy. Not only that but you can stabilise all of your blood sugars and anabolic insulin hormone to actually build some serious muscle when you are dieting. If you dont know what diet to follow go and have a look up on information on Metabolic Typing. This is where it is these days. Logical, scientific and easy to follow. BioTest got it right when they invented Hot Rox. The supporting information with their product was just a perfect no-brainer for those trying to get in great shape like you and me.

Make sure you are following a sensible training program along side your nutrition program structured to burn away the stubborn fat to achieve the results you want.

Now you need a quality supplement. Most fat loss supplements are so specifically designed these days they hit the fat fighting war from multiple angles and win everytime. You are faced with an array of products that directly increase your metabolic energy, burn fat directly, increase energy levels, elevate mood and feel good hormones while simultaneously suppressing your appetite lowering those feelings of hunger. Sometimes so dramatically you can forget to eat for ages. This is the wonderful power of modern science and technology bringing people real quality results that they just cry out for.

I want to lose fat! I want help doing it...and thats what I get everytime with a quality product. Why struggle? There's too many fat people in the world. Too many uneducated fools eating cabbage and spring onions all day, crying and falling into pits of depression. One, get educated. Two, get training. Three, eat specifically to build muscle and burn fat. Four, get help and assistance now. Ill be in the best shape of my life in six weeks.

What do I look for?
So what should you be looking for? Well forget any of these small companies you have never heard of. Forget any product that has pressed parsley and lettuce in as the main fat loss ingredients. If you're going to be that lame you should just go to Sainsbury's and stock up on anything that looks green and leafy and prepare yourself to feel hungry. You want to look for a product that has as the main ingredients something with a really long cool name with lots of chemical bonds and a big warning sign that says dont take if you are in any form of prescription drugs! Thats where the good stuff lies.

Ok, now dont be reckless and these are just the views and opinions of myself and not recommended as advice or instruction to go out and buy the strongest legal thermogenic compound on the shelf and start taking it immediately without forethought or investigation. Thats simply what I do. And it works for me. Like I said the Hot Rox by Biotest and the Tight by SAN are my two personal favourite, well researched and effective fat burners.

Get something thermogenic. You can get them with extra fizz and a bit of a pop to them if you like the adrenalin ephedrine feel if you like that still. Or you can get the ones that are stimulant free that are actually technically a little bit superior. Either way - a thermogenic is going to increase your core body temperature and cause you to burn fat at an extremely accelerated pace. This is perfect for shedding stubborn unwanted and unsightly fat fast. Thats what we want.

Products that contain some form of EPH stack or equivalent. Thats an ephedrine/synephrine/L-PPA type of blend, lumps of caffeine and a little aspirin for giggles. The big thing at the moment is of course, as you know, green tea and EGCG. Do your best to get your hands on this miraculous fat fighting compound. Yohimbe has been studied for so long now as a productive and effective fat burning compound that stacks unbelievably well with the EPH style products. Yohimbe would be a perfect partner to add to any mix. Followed by Sclaolide and Vinpocetine. Thats all the thermogenic compounds covered that are worth taking. Those and any big long chemical compound that floats out of the BioTest Laboratories before getting banned two months later for actually constituting a drug. Those are good too.

Dont neglect the thyroid. Remember that the thyroid is the primary gland that controls body temperature, energy metabolism and essentially makes you fat or skinny. Anything that ramps up the ultimate production of this amazing hormone is your ticket to an ultimate physique. Whats great is that, although you cant really affect thyroid significantly with your diet, there is a compound out there that has amazing effects upon your Thyroid levels. That is the amazing guggulsterones E and Z. Never neglect these babies. Powerful and effective. Get them either with your fat loss supplement or on their own and stack them. Always stack with Bioperine. That just aids the absorption of everything. Making everything more effective.

If you are a man - Remember....Testosterone is THE hormone. Get testosterone to get ripped. More anabolic hormones levels mean more solid, dense muscle tissue and an increased rapid rate of fat burning. A pro-hormone or a tribullus product aid that extra special advantage to you as an athlete trying to get in shape. And besides stacked with a quality fat burner the to will make you feel like you are a god. Excellent news, eh?

Finally, get your hands on a bucket load of fibre pills and 5-HTP. 5-HTP, DMAE are the compounds that are there to make you feel absolutely fantastic at the same time as having a suppressed appetite. These are essential. I couldn't diet successfully without them.

So There You Have It
You and I are going to get as much help as we damn well want and within six weeks we are going to be in the best shape of our lives, ready to get the new year off to the best start and start making progress with everything. Start making gains. Start setting realistic goals we can blow to pieces and head on to the world of unrealistic goals that never used to be available to mortal man. But thanks to modern science we're on our way to our dreams.

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.

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