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Find a Gym thats Right for You Article Comments

Posted By: Sally Baxter   Posted: 09/07/2014 10:03:45

Just read your latest newsletter about choosing a gym. Ive been a member of David Lloyd for a couple of years and love it.

It has rows of treadmills and cross trainers, which I love using. It also has lots of machines and wobble boards, all of which I use.

Are you saying this gym is not a good one Ive improved my body tone quite a bit in the few years Ive been coming here and I m a lot fitter and more comfortable with how I look and feel

Reply From: Moderator

I've been a member of David Lloyds myself for many years over my training life time and the ones I went to where very well equipped. They had power racks, barbells, ample free weights and benches and have some very knowledgeable personal trainers. Ive never found one with very small incremental weight plates, but then I own my own set of these so that's not an issue for me.

However, they have a lot of cardio equipment, run dozens of classes, have swimming pools and lots of other facilities. Its important that you recognise that in many cases this simply encourages you to be distracted from whats important when your training, and even worse, can even hold your progress back.


Posted By: Paul Tucker   Posted: 08/07/2014 19:44:59

This appears to be suggesting a one size fits all approach.I just dont feel this is appropriate when so many people have so many different reasons to train. Surely you need to find the sort of gym that suits your needs and has the sort of equipment youll be interested and motivated to use

Reply From: Moderator

You're right Paul, people have a whole range of different goals. Some people train to improve their competitive rugby performance, others to lose weight, others to feel fitter. The list is endless.

However, in online polls conducted by a large fitness retailer, 95% of men asked to pick their target physique picked those with 10% or less body fat whilst carrying 10 pounds or more of muscle tissue above average, whilst over 90% of women picked women with 15% or less body fat with at least 5 pounds of muscle tissue above average.

So whilst there are many goals, it would seem that for the vast majority of us, there is a great deal of commonality in what we want primarily out of our training.

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