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Ultra Lean Diet Whey
Stay ripped and increase lean muscle mass by using USN s Ultra Lean Diet Whey.


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Ultra lean diet whey is formulated with high quality proteins, green tea acetyl-l-carnitine and much more to make it an innovative weight loss meal replacement shake.

USN ultra lean diet whey is unlike many other meal replacements, this one has been specifically designed for the sole purpose of preserving muscle tone and aiding weight loss significantly! At less than 200kcal per shake each great tasting shake provides your body with 35g of protein from a variety of high quality sources to leave you feeling full for prolonged periods.

In addition to the high protein content, ultra lean diet whey contains a low amount of both carbohydrates and fats making it easy to integrate with your diet.

All of the nutrients therefore are present in suitable quantities and ratios for weight loss, nonetheless where other companies may choose to call the supplement complete USN continue to develop this low calorie meal replacement with additional compounds. These additional compounds include green tea, N-acetyl-l-carnitine, chromium picolinate and garcinia camobogia (60% HCA); all of which maximise weight loss and in particular bodyfat, as each serving of this shake is similar to combining a good fat burner alongside a low carb great tasting protein shake.

USN ultralean diet whey is the choice of many athletes and gym goer's for reducing bodyfat levels thanks to the ease of use and effectiveness of this supplement.

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