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Hyperbolic Mass
USN s high calorie mass gainer is perfect for those who are looking to pack on pounds of muscle mass.


Rated 2.6 / 5 with 10 ratings


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Hyperbolic mass is a mega calorie weight gain shake designed to get even the hardest of hard gainers through their personal plateau and banging on some serious size.

Filled with creatine, HMB, glutamine, testosterone boosters (avena sativa) and BCAA's this is one potent supplement straight away, providing all the necessary supplements to elevate strength, muscle repair and recovery as well as improving muscle endurance and immune function. Each compound is mega dosed ensuring you experience results and are not simply wasting your money on under-dosed competitor products.

Hyperbolic mass by USN is the big brother of USN's popular all in one supplement muscle fuel anabolic. This well established all in one weight gain formula has become one of the most popular and best selling potent supplements around, to further progress and update this all ready awesome supplement is just a great example how USN are committed to providing the best quality nutrition available.

Containing over 1100kcal per serving and over 50g of superior high quality protein your body is forced to grow, bombarding yourself with high quality nutrition to feed anabolism and muscle hypertrophy. If your ambition is to get freaky BIG this is the supplement for you!

Each super shake contains a high serving of the blend of ingredients designed to maximise testosterone levels naturally, enhance strength and immune function as well as additional vitamins and minerals to supplement you macronutrient and micronutrient needs.

Hyperbolic Mass is a high calorie weight gainer for true hard gainers or those with high calorie diets to fuel their intense training routine. It is undoubtedly full of everything you would ever need for muscle growth and repair and takes the guess work out of sports supplements by supplying you with full servings of everything you would ever need as an athlete and sport enthusiast.

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Rated By: Munef A Ali Rated 5
this supplement is very very good and the test is nice and in one month using it i gain 6 kilo . realy good

Rated By: j smooth Rated 2
chocolate doesnt really taste nice however looking at the nutrition on the back im pretty sure it will do something to my body. with the right training.

Rated By: herschel Rated 3
i am currently using hyperbolic mass, and had small breakfast than had my shake and off to the gym for an hour. Two hour after leaving the gym i had a crazy burst of energy and went back for 90 min. Please advise on how long this takes to really get into the system. Im loving the feeling.maybe 2 hrs before gym and just drink 1 a day id hate to be busy with other stuff and have a need for a treadmill,lol

Rated By: james mtandwa Rated 5
Have tried it,its full of wonders

Rated By: bren Rated 5
Absoltue bull these reviews, the taste is acceptable.. infact i think its quite nice but definetely not HORRIBLE.. and it is the most effective weight gainer ive ever had and ive had critical mass, monster mass, nlarge 2, etc...even better than USN muscle fuel anabolic in my opinion.. don t rely on JUST this, eat well, train hard and USE this, if you re a hard HARD gainer like me believe me this is for you, its taken me months to see gains and the same may apply to you, but you will eventually get there i promise.. take 6 scoops twice a day and remember train hard or you will just get fat, i am FINALLY gettin great gains!

Rated By: Jake Rated 1
Not a great product, taste is shocking...

Rated By: John G Rated 1
Doesn t mix well and didn t like the strawberry at ALL

Rated By: Kelvin Rated 1
Shockin supplement....

Rated By: Tyronne Rated 2
Yeah i used it.. and gained very nicely actually.. but gained too much fat from it, wont get it again

Rated By: joel kirkland Rated 1
reflex one stop is the way to go!!

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Posted By: lise Posted: 25/02/2013 14:40:25
I m a 21year old female and I weigh 40kgs. Trying to gain some weight is this product safe for females

Posted By: Admin
Hi Lise, all protein supplements are safe for women to use so theres no need to worry. I wouldn't recommend hyperbolic mass for you though as the calories are massive and at your weight you wouldn't be able to absorb that amount of calories, and the carb source comes from sugar which is not great for you. Instant whey by reflex or even better, oat gain by kinetica would be ideal for you. They both contain clean carb sources and a more easily absorbed amount of calories which would allow you to steadily gain weight healthily.

Posted By: santos Posted: 05/02/2013 18:28:49
hi, im looking to build lean muscles. Im about 76kg and i have a bit of belly fat. i just started exercising on a daily basis last week. My question is if this product and the training will help me get rid of the belly fat and build muscles

Posted By: Admin
Hi Santos, Hyperbolic mass is a high calorie weight gainer designed for people with high metabolisms, so it won't help you lose your belly fat whilst using it. It will help you build muscle but you would need to build muscle with it and then go on to a basic whey protein to keep your muscle mass and lose your body fat.

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