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V-Max Pump
With 2.5g of creatine, glutamine and a substantial dosage of arginine and caffeine, V Max pump will not only give you the desire to train, it will take you to new levels boosting performance hugely and leaving you feeling pumped like never before


Rated 4.33 / 5 with 3 ratings


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Rated By: Kyle Reain Rated 5
love Vmax, ive tried a couple of tubs of no xplod, superpump 250, white floods and this v-max beats em all, 10 mins in your face tingles and your ears heat up, your ready to rock n roll, no jitters, no exploding backside either which is nice!!!

Rated By: James Rated 3
This is my very first NO supplement, It took me two days to get used to the feelings and then it s just natural, I find I need to stay extremely well hydrated drinking a fair amount of water after taking the supplement and during the workout. I also find that It s best to take on an empty stomach for obvious reasons as it does rip you up.

I have around four doses left and will be trying jack3d next after great recommendation by the store owner (life long bodybuilder) compared to this and other brands.

Rated By: bernard miller Rated 5
I got a free sample of v max pump from musclemag, On my first work out with this it was incredible.I was so strong and full of energy.I was curling with 35kg,s dumbells and felt like i could have trained all day.Ihave now ordered a tub and i am really looking forward to my next work out.By the way i am nearly 62 years old. It really is amazing stuff

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Posted By: Matt Posted: 12/09/2010 20:47:14
Hi guys ive recently bought a tub of this but havent started using it yet. However looking at the ingredient it contains caffine and arginine. Correct me if im wrong isnt caffine a vasoconstrictor and arginine a vasodilator Isnt this contradicting each other As ive got this to increase my pump when training have i been robbed

Posted By: Admin
Hi Matt

Your not wrong no, but lots of things contribute to both vasodilation and vasoconstriction. You will find a lot of pre workout drinks contain these compounds as caffeine is awesome for mental focus and energy and the arginine will get you a greater pump in the gym and potentially improve vo2 max.

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