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CLA Thermo
CLA Thermo is a thermogenic fat burner, a fast acting weight loss supplement formulated with CLA & Thermogenic ingredients for 2-way fat burning.


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CLA is a healthy fatty acid designed to burn bodyfat by ensuring that adipose tissue (bodyfat) can be used and is mainly used as an energy substrate during periods of calorie restriction.

CLA Thermo is a combination of the ever popular and potent nutrient partioning agent CLA and a formula of thermogenic aids to further metabolise fats at an increased rate.

Boosting your metabolism via herbal extracts has been a very effective way at achieving more potent results in weight loss, however some formulas on the market can leave you feeling jittery and create huge rushes of energy followed by intense crashes and dips in energy levels. USN's CLA thermo uses caffeine, rhodiola rosea extract and green tea to further enhance bodyfat loss in addition to the high strength CLA.

Using CLA thermo by USN will note only speed up your metabolism, meaning more calories are burnt each day just by using this supplement, but also ensure that the fuel reserves your body is using to fulfil the calorie deficit comes from bodyfat and not muscle mass.

To conclude this fat burning and weight loss supplement is a remarkable achievement and a very intelligent approach to achieving a reduction in bodyfat levels. Men and women will all experience great results when using CLA thermo, and what’s more you can supplement with it for prolonged periods helping you maintain that slim, toned lean look.

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Rated By: JAL44404 Rated 5
Never tried USN products, tried a few others wth various degress of success. I had a hand operation so had to move from weights to cardio full time (busted my knee also... sucks). Would nt say I ve lost weight (poss 2-3kg but I feel up beat, I ve never looked skinnier (well, maybe when I was in my teens) and I ve got great drive. (just made 4 cakes, not interested in eating them, but made them and full course meal.......... and I just wanna keep on going. Crazy stuff, would buy again) using 1 / 3 times a day.

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