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CLA Green Tea
USN s quality CLA now infused with green tea for antioxidant properties.


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CLA is a healthy fatty acid designed to burn bodyfat by ensuring that adipose tissue (bodyfat) can be used and is mainly used as an energy substrate during periods of calorie restriction.

USN CLA Green is a superior form of CLA, updated with additional green teat extract to make it an incredibly potent non-stimulant based fat burner. EGCG is the main active component extracted from green tea and is a renowned for its antioxidant properties. However this is not the only reason why USN have included the active compound, it also possess the ability to inhibit the breakdown of the bodies fat burning hormone norepinephrine.

By preventing the main fat burning hormone from breaking down it will allow levels of norepinephrine to be up-regulating assisting you metabolise fat at an increased rate.

Combining CLA and green tea is an ingenious solution for those who do not want stimulant based thermogenic fat burners but do want a significant advantage to aid their weight loss goals.

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