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100  Whey Protein
USN whey protein is great tasting and easy to mix,It also amplifies muscle growth and enhances recovery. Great for any strength athlete for greater gains.


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A great tasting whey protein shake with a high biological value to enhance recovery, improve muscle tone and immune system. 100% whey protein by USN is a great quality protein shake with a great taste and texture too.

100% Whey protein contains all the necessary essential and non-essentials amino acids to provide a full spectrum of nitrogen containing compounds for muscle growth and repair.

Using whey protein isolate alongside whey protein concentrate allows a fast absorption rate as well as a ride range of amino acids meaning that USN 100% whey offers not only a fast recovery post training but also a comprehensive recovery with such a diverse range of amino acids.

The most important time to supplement with a fast acting protein like USN 100% whey is first thing in the morning and post training with water as the protein can get digested very quickly providing your muscles which are close to catabolism during these times with much needed amino acids.

This protein shake is very high in protein, low in fats and carbohydrates making it suitable for most people's needs and requirements, not only this but the taste of each shake is sensational making it an ideal shake for absolutely anyone.

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