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Instant Whey PRO
Combining the best of Instant Whey and Instant Whey Deluxe to bring the greatest flavouring system to the highest quality whey supplement on the market



Rated By: PT Rated 4

My only problem with the new one is the hike in price. Used to be one of the lowest cost proteins on the market and now its pretty much mid priced. Suppose Im been greedy cos it must be one of the best

Rated By: Dez Byrom Rated 5

Another winner from Reflex. Everyone always said you could have the perfect taste OR the perfect protein but not both. Glad Reflex didnt listen

Rated By: Andy Rated 4

The banoffee is superb and the strawberry is as good as any ive tried before. The protein content is mega high and its very low carb so its pretty much the perfect choice. Used to like it in a bag rather than a huge tub as it doesnt fit in my kitchen cupboard anymore

Rated By: Carl B Rated 5

Taste is sooooo much better. Used to swap between instant whey and optimum gold standard. Ill stick to this now

Rated By: Gary Pickering Rated 5

Ive used every protein powder going over the years and decided that instant whey was the best out there for me so i was dreading it once I heard the formula was going to change.

Thankfully the new PRO version is every bit as good as the original. The same great protein blend and the same added functional extras - and even an improvement in some of them.

But the big change is that the taste is now superb while its still nice and thin and an easy mix. Well done Reflex

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