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Inferno 2 Fat Burners
Super high potency thermogenic fat and weight management supplement. Intended to trigger an increase in calorie burn



Rated By: Maria Rated 4
Very good fat burner - I m 28, 1,57m high and was 56 kg when started taking it, one week ago. Droped down 1,5 kg so far, along with cardio and weight lifting 6 times a week. I only take one capsule a day, before exercising - main difference is high energy level and strong appetite reduction. I also take 1 scoop/day of ON 100 Gold Standard Whey Protein (strawberry, nice taste). I have tried different fat burners during the past 8 years, and feel this as the strongest one since ephedra has been banned. Aiming to get down to 52 kg, will keep taking this for another 3 weeks, and then write another feedback.

Rated By: waseem, scotland Rated 5
best fat burner i ever used, works very well with a protein and high fibre diet.

Rated By: musa from glasgow Rated 5
inferno 2 rocks, i used this alone with a high fibre diet for a couple of weeks, it woz the best tablet i used,after 2 weeks i used it with la muscle fat burner, even better, but causes very bad diarhoea though combined but u lose alot more weight using inferno 2 with la muscle fat burner

Rated By: Crank Rated 5
This has got to be the strongest burner around. I am buzzing on this product -)

Rated By: Alex B Rated 4
I took 2 of these today and trained in the evening, and i had mega energy and felt a little buzzy for about 2 hours but was awesome! defo got a better workout, unlimited energy and sweated more! hopfully help me get more shredded!

Rated By: Billy Rated 5
Taken my first tablet, slight discumfort in the stomach area but not too bad feel great lots of energy, this is a great product

Rated By: AJ Rated 5
Great supplement. Suppress my hunger which is exactly what i want!

Rated By: Alex B Rated 4
Been taking 2, five days a week for the last 3 weeks, dont get the edgey buzz any more, body has got use to these now, seem to be helping though, shredded loads of fat, been weight training and cardio 5 days a week as well. keep your protein high, carbs quite low and eat 5 balanced meals a day and you will defiantley see progress just dont give up!

Rated By: kam Rated 3
Going to use inferno 2 i am in good shape but want that ripped look will inferno do it currently on thermerbol and promax extreme getting good results but need dat edge also is it a safe product in conjunction with promax

Rated By: Converted! Rated 4
I have to be honest, I really didn t think these would work I am a complete Non-believer in these types of products but my husband bought them so thought I d give it a bash. Last week I lost 3lbs, the only exercise I did was a 1hr class on 1 day as I didn t have the time for anything else. I ate quite welll but wasn t overly strict with my food and I was only taking 1 pill per day. Not taking anything else so it must have been these pills! I am upping the pills to 2 this week and being super good with food and exercise in the hope for even better results this week. Will deffo buy more and have already recommended to numerous people! The only thing I would say is really do take them after a decent breakfast, I tried after a Banana and a Cup of Tea and felt a bit queasy, I think you need more food in your tummy than that!

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