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A pre workout formula that cuts out the fluff. No hiding behind proprietary blends, just high dosages of effective ingrediets. No mater how you try, you can t be prepared for the workouts you get with RAMPAGE !



Rated By: Tom Rated 5
Wowzer! Strong shit....

Rated By: Tim Rated 5
Also tried Jack3D which was great for a while, but gives you strange mood swings and memory loss! Rampage is absolutely superb, just makes you feel good whilst working out, and puts you in a great mood for the rest of the day! Certainly will reorder when this one is done.

Rated By: Marko Rated 4
Blew my head off!

Rated By: DFW Rated 3
OK but has an awful, really strong, synthetic taste with a pungetn marzipan/cherry smell. God only knows why it has to be such a vivid red colour on mixing. Will no dpubt go back to Jack3d when finished. God, I ve got another tub left ......

Rated By: Paul Rated 5
This is sum crazy pre workout jucie!!! wow i got a great pump from this stuff just keeps you up there, might not work on everyone but worth a tub to try Awesome!!!

Rated By: Matt Rated 5
You become so focused and fatigue takes so much longer to kick in! Your muscles become numb they are that pumped

Rated By: Joe B Rated 4
Great workouts and even better pump. Awesome service too...

Rated By: Halliwell Rated 5
Don t know what to say other then echo below. Crazy workouts, tonnes of energy!

Rated By: Harry Rated 5
Received this yesterday and used it last night. Absolutely amazing!!

Rated By: Alec M Rated 5
SSSSTTTTTrong stuff!

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