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19/05/2016 11:27:52

Im using Uproar pre-workout by Enhanced Labs and I just wanted to share my views on it for anyone that might find it useful.

First off, im a 28 year old male and my goal is to put on around 5kg and lose 2% body fat over 2016. I do straight out body building type weight training twice a week for about 40 minutes and 2 conditioning sessions a week for about 45 minutes - sleds, tyres etc.

I use Uproar just for my weight training sessions which are core exercises only.

So Heres my review

Ive used both flavours, not a big factor for me personally but both of them taste good, mix well and dont take any effort to drink. If youre particular on taste then Id say they are both quite sweet, almost sherbert like with the smallest hintof a chemical taste. However as a serving of Uproar is so small this shouldnt be a factor for anyone.

I know a few people use a double serving, but Ive been using it for 8 weeks and a single serving is still working well for me. When it stops giving me a good kick ill up my serving to 1 1/2 serving size.

I notice Uproar after about 10-15 minutes and it starts with an itchy scalp and a slightly warm sensation. I also notice my vascularity increases slightly even befor I start training.

I start training 20 minutes after taking my preworkout and feel very keen to train, almost pre-warmed up, and impatient to get to my proper work weights.

Using my last leg workout, I quickly do 5 warm up sets of 5 reps each. I then do 3 max sets trying for 8,6 and 4 reps. Ive added roughly 2kg per set per workout without stalling. Prior to using Uproar I was adding sometimes as little as 0.5kg per workout. Im sure Ill reach this stage again soon as Im currently almost 10kg over my previous best 4 rep max.

Nonetheless I feel very strong, confident and energetic all through this stage of the workout.

I follow this with 3 sets of front squats, no warm ups, at 40kg less than my 4 rep max. I can currently get 8-10 reps, again I still feel strong and full of energy.

I finish with 3 sets of leg curls, and the contractions feel very intense. I seem to be able to hold them quite a bit longer than pre-Uproar and 6 reps takes me just over 30 seconds. My max weights have increased on this movement by over 10%.

This takes me 40 minutes and the sensations from the Uproar (itching) have worn off. I still feel quite energetic and could do more.

About 30 minutes after training I start to feel a little tired and the only after effect I can spot is that Im still more vascular than I normally am, and feel a little warm. Over a further hour these two effects also vanish.

Overall Id rate Enhanced Labs Uproar as very effective.

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