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26/02/2013 21:29:23

hi, can anyone please tell me how long SD Matrix stays in your system after the course, would it be picked up on a british army drugs test.

thanks to anyone who can advise!

-- Response by Approved Administrator --

Hi Gav, i'm not to sure how the half life of sd matrix is in your body. But if you get tested in the army it will show up very quickly on it so i wouldn't advise taking it.

Mathew S

31/12/2012 15:51:56

I have Triazole, DAA, tons of vitamins and an AI. Would this be a sufficient PCT for SD

-- Response by Approved Administrator --

Hi Matthew, that's an ideal stack you've put together for a pct after an sd matrix course. You've covered everything you need for your pct.


22/11/2012 18:16:00

I recently purchased SD Matrix, MMV3 and Form X.
Do i take the SD matrix with MMV3 and milk thistle for 2 weeks, then stop taking the SD after 2 weeks and continue with MMV3 and milk thistle and also the Form X

-- Response by Approved Administrator --

Hi Con, The way to take this would indeed be to run the sd matrix and mmv3 together for 2 weeks, then stop both of them at the same time and use your form x. As these two products are very potent it would be advisable to also buy a tribulus to run alongside your form x to guarantee your body gets back to normal. Run that for 2 weeks and then run your sd matrix and mmv3 together for the remaining course, then finish your form x and tribulus if you choose to use it. As this is a potent pro hormone cycle i recommend taking double the amount of milk thistle to maximize your protection. Also drink a minimum of 1 litre of water extra a day to ensure you are hydrated and have plenty of fluid for your milk thistle to clean your system with.

Dave A

19/11/2012 11:37:10

Hi. I ve been taking SD Matrix for 7 days and I ve been hit quite badly with the side effects. I ve stopped taking the tablets after 7 days. Will I still need to take a PCT Many thanks

-- Response by Approved Administrator --

Hi Dave, yes it is advisable to take your pct as it will ensure your body gets back to normal a fast as possible. If you are having side effects i would suggest to continue taking your milk thistle during your pct also, this is to ensure any toxins in your body are removed.


22/10/2012 14:42:13

is it still for sale in stores now when do they stop getting this in also i notice lads un uk muscleforum run this for 4 weeks straight and they all say to use it in that way too and esto suppress won t do nothing pct wise u need Nolva this true

-- Response by Approved Administrator --

Hi Mark,it is available to buy in all the shops but you may have to wait for them to be delivered if it isn't in the warrington shop you will be buying from. Sd matrix is way too harsh on your system to run it for 4 weeks straight,and you need a proper pct which is a natural testosterone booster.The best way to run an sd matrix course is 2 weeks on sd matrix followed by 2 weeks on your pct course and then repeat the cycle.


16/10/2012 10:47:18

hi i was just wondering if i could run M1T or megavol along side this am currently on my second course of sd matrix and noticed really good gains was just wondering for nxt time if i could run 2 prohormones together

-- Response by Approved Administrator --

Hi Ryan, running a prohormone alongside Sd matrix would be pointless as Sd matrix would simply override another prohormone. This would simply raise your blood pressure to very dangerous level which could cause you major health problems.


02/08/2012 22:41:26

Hi, I ve been researching SD matrix for a while now and was wondering wether or not i should really be taking it. I m 18 years old and weight 11st and been training for a year. Ive just ordered my first cycle and wanted to see if it was a good plan:

1 week before: 2 x Milk thistle (MT) , 1 at breakfast and 1 in the evening.

Week 1&2: 1 x SD & 1x MT at breakfast, 1 xSD & 1 xMT at Dinner

Week 3&4: 1x Estro Supress & 2x Tribulus terrestris at breakfast & 1x Estro Supress & 2x Tribulus terrestris at dinner time. & 1 xMT at lunch

Week 5: 2 x Tribulus

After that I will do SD matrix for only 1 week along side MT and 2 weeks pct. what do you think of the pct and is there anything I should be adding to minimise sides , plus I will be eating properly about 6 meals a day and drinking gallons of water to wash my liver out.

-- Response by Approved Administrator --

Hi Conor, I wouldn't recommend sd matrix for a guy of your age as you are still growing and developing. This is because it effects your hormone levels and you need yours to develop naturally until at least 21 years of age.


15/07/2012 22:00:51

Hi, I have used SD Matrix before but just wondering whether I can have 2 SD Matrix a day with 1 milk thistle and 1 esto suppress, instead of just using SD Matrix with milk thistle for the first 2 weeks, then using esto suppress 2 weeks onward. I started to develop gyno pretty quickly last time I used SD Matrix. Thanks

-- Response by Approved Administrator --

Hi James, that would suggest you are likely to get gyno again quickly if you experienced it last time. So you will be fine to start esto suppress alongside sd matrix and milk thistle as i will ensure it will minimise any problems this time.


10/07/2012 13:32:55

hi there. been researching this sd matrix. the potential short and long term side effects ive been reading about are rather concerning. i was wondering if doing a 1week on 1 week off cycle would be any less damaging tah

-- Response by Approved Administrator --

Hi Scott

Unfortunately 1 week isn't sufficient time to notice much results, sd matrix, all though it does have a relatively short chemical half life, will still take up to 3-5 days to start having an effect. From this point onwards most people start to notice the rapid gains in muscle mass and strength.

If you stick to 2 weeks on, 2 weeks PCT, maintain a good diet, drink plenty of water and consume at least 600mg of milk thistle daily you will certainly reduce the potential side effects associated with the compound and yet still yield good results


06/07/2012 08:26:44

If I follow the recomended

Days 1-14
SD Matrix 1 cap in morning and 1 cap in evening
1x Reflex Milk Thistle 3 times daily

Days 15-28
Esto Supress 1 cap in morning and 1 cap in evening
Androbolix 2 caps in morning and 2 caps in evening

Days 29-42
Androbolix 2 caps in morning and 2 caps in evening

How many weeks should I wait after the last week on Adrobolix to do another 2 weeks on SD

-- Response by Approved Administrator --

Hi Tom you do 2 weeks on sd matrix followed by 2 weeks on the pct you have suggested, then you immediately go back on the sd matrix and finish the remaining 2 weeks of sd matrix, then finish your androbolix and esto suppress. Then i would advise a minimum of 3 months break before ou repeat the cycle again.

james dru

30/06/2012 12:36:27

hi i am starting a course of sd matrix , its the first time i have used it, i am 18 . i will be taking 2 tablets a day but how much milk thistle tblets should i take and when also i am using gold standard 100 whey 3 times a day while on 2 weeks of sd matrix but what should i use on my 2 weeks off it
many thanks

-- Response by Approved Administrator --

Hi James

You should be taking whey protein everyday to ensure your muscles are recovering. Sd matrix is a powerful supplement and will increase protein synthesis in the body however without sufficient protein intake each day you aren't providing the neccesary building blocks to build larger stronger muscle mass.
You should be taking 600mg of milk thistle each day during the cycle and during PCT phase keep your protein and overall calorie intake just as high as on cycle but ensure you have a natural testosterone booster and anti-estogen complex such as androbolix 2000.


16/06/2012 15:44:35

Hi im looking to start a cycle of SD matrix I have all my PCT sorted but was wondering is it safe to take a PWO supp such as no xplode with this

-- Response by Approved Administrator --

hi alex are fine to take a pre workout with sd matrix


15/06/2012 09:18:39

Just wondering how many times you can run this. I have done it four-five times over two years now. and obviously keen to go again. Or would you reccommend another product for size. cheers

-- Response by Approved Administrator --

Hi D

As long as you take sufficient breaks in between cycles you should be fine to take the pro hormone again.
Nonetheless have a look at oxy-black, this is a new PH we are stocking and it looks phenominal coupling a highly anabolic compound with a powerful androgen yielding the best results in strength as well as size


15/06/2012 06:40:13

Hi, i have done a course of sd atrix before with good results and now a friend has recommended epi to me. Can you give me the low down on both products and what would be the best for wanting to gain lean muscle. thanks

-- Response by Approved Administrator --

Hi Ricky, EPI is designed for lean muscular and strength gains so this would be ideal for what you are trying to achieve. The sd matrix is mainly designed for size gains, but alot of the size you gain is water retention which you will lose alot of. Where as epi is dry lean gains which you will keep once you finish the cycle with a good pct product.


31/05/2012 10:29:34

Hi There.

I have almost completed a cycle of SD matrix. I want to understand if anyone has ever done a back to back cycle and whether or not this holds high risks

If anyone could confirm I d appreciate it: 31/05/12

-- Response by Approved Administrator --

Hi Ollie, nobody we know of has ever done a back to back cycle of sd matrix as it is so potent you are risking serious damage to yourself. And taking it for so long can cause a major shut down in your system, it can also cause a huge increase in your blood pressure which can lead to major risks such as heart failure. I wouldn't recommend ever doing this as the risks to yourself are massive.


26/05/2012 16:36:14

Hey, I m currently 20 years old and am thinking about doing my second sd cycle.
Originally I did:
2 on - 2 sd, 6 milk thistle
2 off - 4 androbolix, 2 esto supress, 6 milk thistle
2 on - 2 sd, 6 milk thistle
2 off - 4 androbolix, 2 esto supress, 6 milk thistle.

How ever, I m just wondering how hard sd will hit fertility Are the chances of becomming infertile high or is there a rough percentage chance of what inferility will be. Will zma pills ran throughout cycle or just pct, or trib 650 make a difference to regrow my testoerone levels to what it should be Also is sd or other prohormones stronger on infertility than taking something like sust, test e or dianabol or a read steroid/ test based. I understand other side effects such as liver and kidney problems but as you can see fertility is my real worry as was wondering what info you could share on this behalf. Many thanks!

-- Response by Approved Administrator --

Hi Cyto, sd matrix would only make you infertile if you took it for a very long period of time without taking a break from it. Taking zma pills would work very well alongside your androbolix at getting your natural testosterone back up to were it should be. As long as you run the course properly and do your pct correctly then you shouldn't have any infertility problems.


26/05/2012 00:13:08

I have a small lump the size of a pea under my left nipple.!!! I ve completed 2weeks sd, 2 weeks pct, I m currently one week into my next sd... Should I continue... And will the lump go Thanks

-- Response by Approved Administrator --

Hi Jack, i would advise coming off the sd matrix and getting on to an estrogen suppressant as soon as possible. What you are experiencing is the start of gyno, which if left can be permanent. I would buy pharma labs esto suppress as soon as you can to counter the effects of gyno as if left untreated become permanent and surgery is the only way to get rid of it. If you counter it now it will eventually get rid of the gyno.


24/05/2012 15:23:52

hi there i have just started my course for sd matrix and i am planning on doing 4weeks and then 4 weeks PCT, i am 12st 6lb in weight. For my PCT i have bought I-force Nutrition Reversitol V2 and i was wondering whether that is ok. thanks

-- Response by Approved Administrator --

Hi Aty, thats a fine pct to use but running sd matrix for 4 weeks straight is a very bad idea. The way you take sd matrix is 2 weeks on, then 2 weeks pct. Then finish the sd matrix for the remaining 2 weeks then fininsh your pct. This is because sd matrix is such a potent pro hormone that to run it for longer then 2 weeks can cause a shut down and can damage your body, so be very careful to do it the way i have said.


21/05/2012 11:43:44


Im 23 and 10 and half stone, im been doing a lot of research into SD Martix this is the plan I have come up with have I missed or need to take anything out. I want to lose as little gain as possible after I have finished my course.

Pre week before starting SD Matrix
1 milk thistle morning and night each day.

weeks 1&2& 8232 1 sd + 1 milk thistle in the morning, 1 milk thistle at dinner, 1 sd + 1 milk thistle in the evening& 8232 & 8232

weeks 3&4& 8232 1 esto supress + testo DAA, 1 milk thistle in morning, 1 milk thistle dinner, 1 esto supress + testo DAA, 1 milk thistle in evening& 8232
& 8232
weeks 5&6& 8232 1 sd + 1 milk thistle in the morning, 1 milk thistle dinner, 1 sd + 1 milk thistle in the evening
& 8232 & 8232
weeks 7&8& 8232 1 esto supress + tetso DAA, 1 milk thistle in morning, 1 milk thistle dinner, 1 esto supress + testo DAA, 1 milk thistle in evening

Diet as follows

Oats, apple and protein shake at 7
Chicken salad at 10
Tuna jacket potatoe or tuna pasta bake and protein shake at 12& 8232
Tuna pitta at 3
Protein bar at 6& 8232
Workout& 8232
Protein shake
Evening meal& 8232
Evening shake

-- Response by Approved Administrator --

Hi Paul, firstly i'll start with your diet. Sd matrix is designed purely to bulk and get as big as possible in as short time period as possible. So going on a diet during sd matrix is pointless as you will need more calories to build with as you will be in a constant anabolic stage with a big metabolism increase. The way you set out your cycle of sd matrix is good except you only take 2 sd matrix a day and not 3, if you did it this way you would get a shut down really quickly and could potentially damage yourself. Apart from that little error you are good to go.

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