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25/05/2020 16:13:15

Hi, i have just started lifiting and started using the all in one muscle fuel, i work out 4 times a week and i am 18 ,weigh 128pounds and have 3 meals a day, how many scoops should i have and how many times a day


25/05/2020 15:26:18

Hi, i have just started lifiting and started using the all in one muscle fuel, i work out 4 times a week and i am 18 ,weigh 128pounds and have 3 meals a day, how many scoops should i have and how many times a day


06/01/2010 19:45:53

i ve been on usn anabolic for about 6 months now and its made such a big diffrence i started off at 9 stone 4 lbs and now 11 stone 3 lbs i think its the best supplement i ve used yet but looking for that extra push now. could i take usn anabolic and zma tablets together and im only 18 so would that be harmful to my body

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Sure, this wouldn't be harmful at all. many people combine a lot of types of various sports supplements in order to achieve optimal results. Congrats on your progress.


01/03/2013 11:42:07

On the tub of MFA it says that it should not be used in conjunction with any other creatine product. I m looking to use ON serious mass which also contains creatine alongside MFA. Will using both of these products, that both contain creatine, be harmful to me in any way

-- Response by Approved Administrator --

Hi Oli, Yes you can use both of these products together, your body will use as much creatine as it can. If it can't use it, it will simply flush it out of your system naturally.


26/02/2013 09:51:41

I just wanted to ask about the loading phase it states on the tub, you should take 2-3 times a day for the first 5 days (weight above 80kg). I am around 82kg and have been taking it 3 times a day for two days now. I wanted you opinion on this and also could I load for the first 3days Thanks

-- Response by Approved Administrator --

Hi David, You should be aiming for around 1-2 shakes a day maximum. One directly after you train and another one either before bed or earlier on in the day. This will ensure maximum growth for you.


25/02/2013 23:48:27

Hi, I m an 18 year-old boy who s been using your product for about three weeks now and I feel like I have noticed a slight improvement. All I want to know is whether I am having shakes at the right times as I ve been drinking 500 ml after my gym sessions and then another 500 ml before bed. Am I correct in doing so

-- Response by Approved Administrator --

Hi Sam, Yes that's a great way to do it, if your not gaining muscle as fast as you would like then it simply sounds like you need more calories. Having another shake maybe earlier on in the day would be a great idea for you to incorperate.


14/02/2013 21:06:03

Hi, can you take muscle fuel anabolic as well as another creatine substance Or is it not recommended to take both

-- Response by Approved Administrator --

Hi Luke, It's fine to take an alternative creatine product alongside muscle fuel anabolic, if you r body doesn't need the extra creatine it will simply flush it out of your body safely. It it does then it will either use it for strength gains or for recovery purposes.


11/02/2013 11:54:54

Hi I ve been training a few months and I ve been taking creatine monohydrate I loaded for the first week and am now on one scoop a day and have just purchased some MFA should I load on this as well And should I still be taking the normal creatine monohydrate as well as the MFA because of the creatine in MFA Thanks for any reply.

-- Response by Approved Administrator --

Hi Scott, no you don't load up on muscle fuel anabolic. You simply take one shake straight after training and maybe another one early in the day or before bed, and one shake on a none training day. You can carry on taking the other creatine because if your body doesn't need it, it will simply flush it through your system naturally but if it does then it will use it for strength or repair.

phillip evans

01/02/2013 20:11:02

hi i am thinking about getting this product because i want to put weight and muscle of i got a very high metabolism and i am struggling to put weight on im 21 and 10st would you recommend this product for me

-- Response by Approved Administrator --

Hi Phillip, this product would help you achieve weight gain but it would be a minimal amount you would gain due to the low calorie rate contain inside it. If you have a very high metabolism then a product such as instant mass by reflex or oat gain by kinetica would be ideal for yourself. This is because they are designed for people with high metabolisms and contains the right blend of protein, and carbs to help you steadily gain muscular size.


13/01/2013 23:13:45

Hi, I am 17 years old and just started working out. I just bought the USN MFA tub and would like to know when to take it and how often in one day or maximum muscle gain , I train 8pm most days, thanks.

-- Response by Approved Administrator --

Hi Bobby, the most vital time to take muscle fuel anabolic is directly after training. For you training so late it would be beneficial to take another shake either straight after waking up, or early during the day. Whenever you decide to have the second shake is entirely up to yourself. Taking two shakes a day on a training day and just one shake on none training days will help you to grow and develop a more muscular frame.


12/01/2013 20:09:03

hi have been using this for a month now and am lean and muscular but cannot lose my chest fat is this going to harm or help me do this please

-- Response by Approved Administrator --

Hi Peter, this product won't harm you in any way, but the calorie count is higher then a basic whey protein. So if you are looking to get rid of fatty tissue from your chest it might not be ideal for yourself. Instant whey and grenade would be a better solution for yourself, as it will allow you to keep your muscle mass. But the grenade would help get rid of body fat and water retention.


31/12/2012 13:27:50

Hi, I ve been training for a few months and built muscle but slowed now, I ve had a break for Christmas (not training and eating/drinking junk). Now getting back on a fresh 2kg tub of MFA, should I do the 2 times a day for the first 5 days and then 2 on training days and just 1 on non-train
I m looking to build muscle and not weight, I eat 3 meals a day - should I switch one of my meals for one of my shake intakes Or should I be increasing my intake
Thanks in advance for any reply.

-- Response by Approved Administrator --

Hi Craig, theres no real reason to take 2 shakes a day other then to load up on the creatine that is in it. But the loading phase with an all in one isn't a big deal. I would have 1 shake directly after training and another shake before bed, on none training days have one shake during the day at anytime of your choice. This will allow adequate muscle growth without putting excess body fat on.


11/12/2012 23:31:13

Hi there , i am under 80kg n its says if u are under 80kg you have to take 2 serving for 5 days n 1 serving the
Can i take 2 serving even after 5 days . Is it gonna be ok

-- Response by Approved Administrator --

Hi Manuel, you will be absolutely fine to carry on taking 2 servings a day even after the 5 days. Many of our customers and staff take the same amount of servings and simply carry on till the tub is finished with no bad effects. Just listen to your body and if you feel the dosage you are taking is too much then cut the amount of servings you have.


26/11/2012 14:30:47

Does USN Muscle Fuel Annabolic have any testosterone in it And if it does is it dangerous for a 17 year old boy Will it have any negative side effects what so ever

-- Response by Approved Administrator --

Hi, It does indeed have a natural testosterone in the product but at your age it just simply would really do anything. It's not dangerous for yourself as it is natural but is designed to boost your testosterone to it's peak limit, and at your age it will be very high anyway so would simply not affect you.


07/11/2012 15:44:05

My goal is to gain as much weight as possible. I m taking a weight gainer in the morning between breakfast and lunch. And then usn muscle fuel anabolic between lunch and dinner. Then take another usn anabolic muscle fuel after the gym and a casein protein before bed is that to much
Also you said cycle after 3 months of taking a product. Do you know any good alternatives

-- Response by Approved Administrator --

Hi Curt, if you want to gain as much weight as possible then critical mass would be the ideal supplement for you. It is designed to give you as much muscular gains as possible, it is a high calorie protein and carb mix which also contains cla and l-carnitine for great body fat management. Unless you carry a huge amount of muscle you don't really need to take that much protein every day. A weight gainer in the morning followed by muscle fuel anabolic after you train and a casein at night would be more then enough protein in a day.


01/11/2012 16:51:32

hi, i am 18 and 63kg and i am looking for an all in one supplement would you recommend usn muscle fuel anabolic i train 4-5 times a week. also would i take it for 2 servings a day (300g) for 5 days then after that 1 serving a day (150g). i am also looking to put a little bit of weight on aswell so i am around 70kg.

-- Response by Approved Administrator --

Hi Will, i immediately thought of muscle fuel anabolic as the perfect all in one for you, so you made the perfect choice. I would take it twice a day on training days and once a day on none training days, and just keep doing it that way. This will ensure optimal muscular size gains and fast recovery.


01/09/2012 11:21:20

hi i have just brought USN Muscle Fuel Anabolic i work out every day but i dont no the best time to take it for the best results

-- Response by Approved Administrator --

Hi Aaron, the most vital time to take your muscle fuel anabolic is straight after training, The other best time to take it would be eary in the day. For example if you train at 6pm you could take one shake around 3 o'clock to give you the calories and nutrients you need for a good training session.


13/08/2012 16:52:57

To ensure maximum absorption and therefore less wastage could I take 4x single scoops spaced out throughout the day (with 300ml water) rather than 2x 2 scoop portions Do you see my logic and would it work

-- Response by Approved Administrator --

Hi Hammo, yes that would be absolutely fine, as long as you are taking in the calories and nutrients that you need then it isn't a problem. So if you do take it 4 times a day then you will be fine to do so, and it will keep your metabolism kicking over nicely.


11/08/2012 15:57:18

after reading this months muscle and fitness.i came across a advert for usn which said you can take MFA with creatine this true

-- Response by Approved Administrator --

Hi Keiran, you can indeed take them together as your body will simply take the creatine that you can absorb, and flush out the rest that you can't use.


24/07/2012 19:14:19

I am 17 and I am looking to build muscle , fast I am 5 11 and I weigh 10 stone I consume around 3500-4000 calories a day eating 6 meals a day , what protien shake would you recommend I take , I have already used sci mx , onmni hardcore and critical mass

-- Response by Approved Administrator --

hi saagar if you are trying to gain weight then critical mass will be your best choice as you need plenty of calories to grow. Just monitor how much weight you gain on a weekly basis as you should be aiming for 1-2lbs weight gain per week . this way you can adjust how much you eat if you are gaining too fast or not gaining weight at all

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