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Sue A

19/05/2016 09:36:25

Hi, Ive been using your T6 Fat Burner tablets on and off as you suggest in the write up for the last few months. Im a 40 something woman, in good health, 5 foot 5 and 9 stone 4. I cycle 10k twice a day 5 times a week (cycle to work and back) and train with weights on Saturday and Sunday.

My problem is that while im in pretty good shape the T6 really help me shed body fat while Im using them, but over the 4 weeks Im not using them I tend to put it back on. Although Im only talking about 3 or 4 pounds, what I lose is all fat and I look totally different.

Can I use the T6 all the time?

-- Response by Approved Administrator --

No, prolonged use will make it ineffective on your body. Its best used at moderate levels for 4-8 weeks with 4 weeks off. If, like yourself, youre using it long term 4 weeks on and 4 weeks off is best.

If you regain body fat when not using T6 its probably the fact that T6 dampens appetite and you eat less. When youre not using T6 you either have to monitor your eating a little more tightly or you can use intermitent fasting, such as the 5,2 diet which will help you moderate eating without having to think about it.

Youll find that each period of T6 usage will reduce body fat further and further and after a few loops of this youll be at a permanently far lower body fat percentage.


18/12/2014 12:41:42

I m a regular gym user, do a bit of weights, a bit of cardio and play football with a local team twice a week.

I am pretty slim, but carry a fair bit of bodyfat - a skinny fat guy if you will - and no amount of exercise or dieting seems to help.

Do you think T6 would do anything for me

-- Response by Approved Administrator --

This is a far more common issue than you might think. Body fat is as common a thin body frame as a large body frame.

You need to emphasise weight training a little more with a big emphasis on getting stronger. You may need to cut some of your cardio during this period.

Similarly, reduce simple carbs and fat/carb combination foods. Increase complex carbs and proteins.

T6 will help reduce appetite, especially for sweet and junk foods. It will also increase energy which you will find helpful in gaining a little strength when exercising


11/01/2010 13:29:54

Are these suitable for vegetarians

-- Response by Approved Administrator --

As far as I can see yes they are suitable because teh capsule isnt made out jelatin like most capsule supplements are. Another one to look into is the Solgar range. These are suitable fro vegetarians


09/01/2010 19:05:17

Would it be ok to take 3 scoops post workout to get extra protein an carbs or would it be more beneficial to take 3 scoops of a morning and 2 after workout. cheers

-- Response by Approved Administrator --

Hey Paul, 3 scoops after you have trained would provide you with additional protein and carbohydrates.
As this is the most critical period to refuel your body and start repairing the microtears in your muscles induced from training you would benefit more from having 3 scoops after training as oppose to first thing in the morning. Your body acts almost like a sponge after training so would make the most out of the extra nutrients.

Darren Talbot

02/01/2010 14:48:43

Hi there, on monday i will starting a course of epi and fast action 11 test, i will be taking 3 caps of epi per day spaced out through the day, i will take 2 caps of 11 test once a day, would it benificial to take pre or post workout thanks

-- Response by Approved Administrator --

due to the half life I'd imagine you'd get quite a good training boost taking them in the pre-workout period.


02/01/2010 11:45:24

hi when will this be back in stock LG Sciences Liquid Masterdrol and have you s got anything pretty similar please thanks.

-- Response by Approved Administrator --

Unfortunately it has been discountinued Adam. Sports supplements of a similar nature would be methyl masterdrol, in their capsule form.


02/01/2010 02:41:32

hi what would be the best pct for this product, as ive read in alot of reviews which where bad, as in creating estogen leaving people with sore nipples, with lumps and watery substance coming out, which i wanna avoid

-- Response by Approved Administrator --

esto suppress, to combat estrogen is essential and the main part of PCT. It will also help restore hormonal levels back to their natural state. Androbolix is an excellent supplement to compliment restoring testosterone production and minimizing estrogen.


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07/01/2013 15:24:57

So Test Freak and esto supress would be a good PCT after a 5 week cycle of epi


-- Response by Approved Administrator --

Hi Jay, test freak and esto suppress would be an ideal pct after an epi course indeed. Be consistant with it and it will get your body back to normal quite quickly.


26/11/2012 00:03:56

In the last 3 months I followed a diet to loose weight, and i go to the gym 2/3 times per week. I obtained good results, but I would like to do better, so I bought this product.
Is not counterproductive introduce other calories in a diet Can I keep my diet and introduce also this product or I have to replace some meal with it Is it better to take it only after training, instead of two times per day independently if i go to training or not ...Thanks

-- Response by Approved Administrator --

Hi Matteo, cla is nowhere near enough calories to replace a meal with as it is only a small capusule. You would keep your diet the same and introduce this in to your diet, take the maximum dose you can to achieve the best results.


25/11/2012 17:15:00

hi i am a marathon runner is this good for race and training

-- Response by Approved Administrator --

Hi maniras, Cytopower would indeed be good for marathon runners as it contains everything to give you energy and endurance when training.


14/03/2016 06:59:27


I wonder if Someone can help me. I got hold of two cans of oxy black. When I open the cans one had red pills and the Other one red/black. What is the original color



01/11/2012 11:00:58

Hi, the price of your Sprawl shorts has increased quite dramatically. Is this higher price going to stay, or will they drop again soon

-- Response by Approved Administrator --

Hi Stacey, the prices of the sprawl shorts should be staying the same unless a discount in the new year is decided upon. But i can't see a change happening again this year.


25/10/2012 19:39:51

Hi....I ve been using diet phd for 3 months now which has worked very well, all in all I ve lost a stone and a half with dieting as well and I m coming to the point where I won t want to lose anymore weight..but I ve just ordered my final diet phd and ripped freak and amio acids...after I ve finished the PHD can you suggest anything I can have next Because I want to get bigger but not put any on my stomach Which is a problem because if I add weight! It goes on my stomach first my training is good and I m forever changing things to trick my body



-- Response by Approved Administrator --

Hi Ian, unfortunately to cut weight you need to eat less calories but to grow you need to eat more calories which will cause you to store bodyfat if you eat the wrong kind of food. Using instant mass by reflex or oat gain by kinetica is the best way to build muscle with minimal fat gains, as they are both designed for lean muscular gains. Taking cla as well will help ensure you stop gaining on bodyfat.


30/08/2012 10:34:05

Hi, would there be any benefit to taking this with your tribulus terrestris If so, what dosage Thanks

-- Response by Approved Administrator --

Hi Matt, this is ideal to take with tribulus. As for the dosage it does depend on your body weight, it does explain the proper dosage for your body weight on the actual tub.


02/08/2012 13:20:57

Hi this product states take up to 3 tabs a day, but doesnt say if take after food or before food - a little confused - can anybody advise when is best to take these

-- Response by Approved Administrator --

Hi Jo, I would take these about half and hour before you eat breakfast, dinner and tea.


04/07/2012 16:13:47

Hi I m about to run a 4 week cycle of Pharma Labs EPI with competitive ege labs cycle assist would this be a sufficient pct along with shakes as normal throughout it all I currently have USN anabolic muscle fuel

-- Response by Approved Administrator --

Hi Ben

Yes that would be sufficient for PCT as MFA contains natural testosterone boosters and reversitol is a great anti-estrogenic natural PCT orientated supplement.
Enjoy the cycle, we hope you get the gains you want from it


01/07/2012 13:04:16

Would this be a better alternative to standard Mike Thistle for liver support during a PH cycle of SD Matrix

-- Response by Approved Administrator --

Hi Geordie, molecular nutrition make some of the best products on the market and liver stabil being one of them. It will ensure your body will be properly protected and will ensure any toxins will be cleaned out of you system so it is definately worth taking to ensure 100% protection.


03/01/2010 15:03:01

Can this be taken 30 mins before workout, and still have a good effect
I am not able to take 30mins before breakfast and then work out as I am 18 and still in school.

-- Response by Approved Administrator --

That's fine, Mark. As long as the ingredients get into your body it's irrelevant which time you take it, really.


04/07/2012 19:11:59

Does it give u more energy than the tablets

-- Response by Approved Administrator --

it will definately give you more energy than the tablets but the tablets are more of a fat burner where as the 50 cal sachets are a pre workout supplement that you get you more awake and give you more energy ..

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