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Here is a brief description of two of the Adaptolean fat burner, ingredients by a UK brand Adapt Nutrition.

Garcinia Cambogia is a fruit that contains HCA (Hydroxycitric Acid). Its a naturally very sweet, tropical fruit and has been used as a herbal product for many years both in Asia and Europe.

HCA blocks Citrate Lyase an enzyme that turns sugars and starches into fatty acids in the blood stream. By blocking this enzyme, the carbohydrates are more likley to be converted into energy rather than being converted into fatty acids and deposited as body fat. As a by product HCA naturally increases energy levels and gives a feeling of your hunger pangs being satisfied.

Its effectiveness has been established to such an extent that many countries add HCA to chocolate to reduce peoples desire to over eat.

To further enhance Adaptoleans ability to increase energy it includes an ingredient called L-Carnitine Tartrate which increases exercise performance by transporting stored energy into muscle cells to be used as fuel. These two ingredients work exceptionally well together in keeping foods eaten in a mobile form for use as energy.




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Would like a bit more background on this. The article is too short

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