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This website is operated by Strategic Fitness Ltd a UK registered company (registration number 01931492) a specialist retailer of sports nutrition and strength and conditioning goods. The business was started in 2014 by Mike Phillips the former owner of the BodyActive stores, a bricks and mortar retailer of sports supplements based in the North West of England, where he was involved in the business for 20 years.

Strategic Fitness is managed by a group of people with expertise in website technology, remote selling and servicing, plus internet logistics. This is all backed by a depth of product knowledge, training expertise, product procurement and manufacturing gained from a group experience spanning several decades.

We operate several related websites each focused on a specific group of products, brand, or training philosophy. This allows us to totally focus the content of the website to a single subject enabling our customers to get information, advice and product reviews and purchase suggestions clearly and concisely without confusion or distraction. We have separate websites covering topics such as fat loss, building muscle, sports performance, creatines, proteins, recovery supplements and many others. In addition we operate a number of information only websites covering training and nutrition.

For our visitors Strategic Fitness provide a unique concept for purchasing sports equipment and sports supplements directly from the manufacturers or UK distributors. It brings together under one roof a number of niche products, hard to find items, or products and brands that have a unique place in the market. But more than this, it works to help put you as close to the first person in the chain in order to provide you the very best value.

For product innovators or brand owners looking to break into the market, Strategic Fitness provide a great opportunity for you to achieve this without having to incur the expense of a big marketing campaign, developing websites, or seeking out distributors and retailers. We can help take your products direct to the consumer, and you can watch the demand grow from there.

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