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Founded by 2 long term friends with nearly four decades experience in the sports supplements industry, DNA Anabolics is a fusion of knowledge, passion and a desire to create unique, effective, high grade supplements. Casting aside all concerns other than research proven ingredients, sourcing high quality raw ingredients, your safety and health, and integrity in labelling they set about creating a small effective range of products.

Starting with a small base of prohormones, DNA Anabolics quickly branched out into thermogenic fat burners and body recomposition agents and now boast not only these, a range of multi compound PH products but also a PCT and testosterone booster and also a market leading SARM supplement. This small, but focused, range of supplements appeals to all fans of highly effective, niche market sector products.

The target market for the brand is obviously the serious athlete, and those looking for dramatic physique improvements, Its aimed at adult males with a good deal of knowledge about these cutting edge formulations and who know how their body responds to training and these powerful compounds.

In the UK DNA Anabolics supplements are available from only a handful of retailers, carefully chosen to ensure that you get the advice and knowledge to get the best out of this exclusive brand.


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