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Feedback on T6 Fat Burners

Posted By: Andrew Posted: 18/12/2014 12:41:42

I m a regular gym user, do a bit of weights, a bit of cardio and play football with a local team twice a week.

I am pretty slim, but carry a fair bit of bodyfat - a skinny fat guy if you will - and no amount of exercise or dieting seems to help.

Do you think T6 would do anything for me

Posted By: Admin

This is a far more common issue than you might think. Body fat is as common a thin body frame as a large body frame.

You need to emphasise weight training a little more with a big emphasis on getting stronger. You may need to cut some of your cardio during this period.

Similarly, reduce simple carbs and fat/carb combination foods. Increase complex carbs and proteins.

T6 will help reduce appetite, especially for sweet and junk foods. It will also increase energy which you will find helpful in gaining a little strength when exercising

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