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Feedback on Oxy-Black

Posted By: Aj Posted: 29/12/2012 04:43:06
Hi iv been looking a black Labz oxy black but i just want to know is it harsh on the side effects as in natrual bodys production of testosterone, because i have used SD matrix and for me that was bad on recovery, took along time. Specialy libido:( also would i have to use estro surpress wile taking oxy black or milk thistle, and i know androbolix would be good pct as it contains anti estrogen blocker. If im not mistaken. But really want to know about sides if they are harsh because i can see that it contains quite a potent blend of compounds. And interms of usage is it like sd matrix where you have to cycle off 2weeks at a time or can you use the whole bottle then start PCt straight after it, or do you wait acouple of days then start pct. i really hope to hear from you. Thanks,

Posted By: Admin
Hi AJ, luckily with oxy black it keeps your natural testosterone production working and it also slashes estorgen and cortisol levels whilst on it. You would still need milk thistle or even better take anabolic designs liver milk and drink at least 1 litre a day more water then usual. You would still need to use a pct afterwards to ensure your body is functioning normally but you won't have the same harsh shut down you got on sd matrix.

Posted By: Lee Posted: 20/11/2012 07:24:00
I have just purchased Oxy-Black after reading positive comments on the internet and have run various pro-hormones in the past with good gains and no side so i am not new to them, starting the course next week and i was just wondering what would be the best PCT to use after the cycle of this product many thanks.

Posted By: Admin
Hi Lee, Androbolix by biorhythm is still the most effective pct to have after a pro hormone course so i would suggest that. Or you could use Alpha Genesis and Esto Suppress together for a great pct.

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