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Feedback on Oxy-Black

Posted By: daniel Posted: 18/11/2012 00:03:22
Hi just looking for some advice please, i am wanting to lose some body fat especially around my stomach but also gain some size and strength at the same time im thinking of the oxy black to gian the size with the inferno 2 at the same time to lose the bf would this combination work or is there any other combination you would recommend. thanks

Posted By: Admin
Hi Daniel this combo wouldn't work as the inferno would be burning calories that you would need to build with . And you should never mix a thermogenic with a pro hormone as it would push your blood pressure skywards. Using Pharma labs EPI would be perfect for you, as it is a lean dry gainer designed to build muscleand burn bodyfat. Increase your protein by around 50-60grams a day, drink at least 1 pint of water a day more then usual. Make sure you take your milk thistle and have a proper pct available for when you finish and you will gain some solid lean muscle, increase your strength and drop some body fat giving you a great physique.

Posted By: Chris Posted: 12/07/2017 22:30:50

Hi would out black be suitable for a first time cycle im 210 lbs 37 and been training 10 years also what pct would you recommend

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