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Feedback on Oxy-Black

Posted By: Johnny Posted: 14/03/2016 06:59:27


I wonder if Someone can help me. I got hold of two cans of oxy black. When I open the cans one had red pills and the Other one red/black. What is the original color


Posted By: Admin

Posted By: Ricky Posted: 13/02/2013 19:51:42
hi, very long question so please bare with me. I am currently on a lean diet of around 2000cal. Composing of no more then 40g of carbs a day. The remaining cals being fat and protein (around 250g/day). I want to hit a PH after about 2 years since my last. Whilst on I will be raising my cal intake to about 2500-3000 by up ing carbs (PHD WaxyVol) in the morning and some carbs post workout. Protein intake will go to about 300g/day. For PCT I will either get Estrostress or prescription SERM AND Antrobolix. I will also be getting Driven Sport Lean Xtreme. PCT will also see me drop the extra carbs. Reason As this window is often associated with accelerated fat storage. So 1)
does this sound any good 2) Lean Xtreme is in my PCT purely as a anti-cortisol. 3) my low carb diet is purely because my BF is at about 14 and hence I don t believe I should over comsume Carbs. Would you agree Whilst on cycle I don t mind increasing carbs as the Oxyblack profile should prevent excess carb storage in fat cells. Would u agree. And finally for the lean cycle I intend is OxyBlack the right product Sorry for the waffles and appreciate your help.

Posted By: Admin
Hi Ricky, Oxy-black is a size gainer and not really designed for lean muscular gains. Pharma labs EPI is the ideal product for lean muscular gains, you will gain muscle quickly and you will lose bodyfat also. The muscle gains are dry gains and not mostly water volumization like most prohormones, this means what muscle you gain you will keep. It also doesn't convert in to estrogen or any of the dht's which are associated with pro-hormones and steroids, Hair loss etc. As for your diet i would do what your planning to do but iwould stick at around 2700 calories to ensure size gains but not too many calories to possibly gain fat with. And your pct is absolutely fine you've got everything covered with that stack.

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