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Feedback on Inferno 2 Fat Burners

Posted By: adz Posted: 05/04/2010 01:29:52
hi there, i ve just finished a course on tren bomb and have kept most of my gains and am into my 3rd week PCT taking only androbolix. my aim now is to lose the body fat i have gained from eating alot and decided to take a fat loss supplement, a friend recomended ECA stack (ephedrine30mg+ aspirin30mg +caffeine210mg)
i have been taking 1 tablet once a day for 5days and have been on it 4 about 2weeks now. the problem is after 2weeks i have lost a bit of weight but i cannot physically see any difference in the shape of my body as i really want to get ripped. my diet is ok and i m doing about 1hour cardio after hardcore weights but my body still looks a flabby.
i was thinking is is ok to take inferno along with the ephedrine or shall i only take 1 of them and which do you think is the strongest fat loss supplement from these 2 Hot Rox also came into mind but im not too sure which way to go.
lastly i heard thermogenic sports supplements actually cause muscle loss as they eat into your muscles is this true with inferno2 or hot rox thanks for your time and help guys.

Posted By: Admin
You need to be patient. 2 weeks is a relatively short time frame to lose body fat, let alone see substantial change. Be consistent and you will be rewarded, the body takes time to adapt, remember this. You don't need to do an hours cardio after weights either, just adjust your diet to include more fibre from begetables etc, and limit the carbs at intervals dueing the day. Continue hardcore weight lifting as usual.

You really shoudl've aquired some esto suppress [Pharma Labs product] after your tren bomb course. You did not have a certified SERM ran after your cycle which can be very dangerous. It may still be worth picking some up.

Hot Rox is also a great, potent fat burner that should help you significantly. Just ensure you keep protein levels high and weight training heavy to preserve muscle mass and your new size gains. Stimulants in excess can release cortisol which is a muscle wastage hormone, but as long as you control the income to your body, you'll be fine.

Posted By: Pash Posted: 01/06/2010 14:06:14
Hi, I ve just received my Inferno 2 pack, and am just wondering if its safe and recommended to take with Reflex Natural Whey Protein Shake

Posted By: Admin
There is no issue with taking these two sports supplements together. Inferno will encourage greater calorie burn and protein will act both as an appetite control and as a muscle builder and repair supplement.

Please read any warnings on the side of sports supplements to make sure they are suitable for you.

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