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Feedback on Inferno 2 Fat Burners

Posted By: paul Posted: 01/02/2011 13:00:01
Hi my wife as just started to take inferno fat burners.she as just read about stackers which one would you say she would be better with,she is 14stone 7lb and would like to get down to about 10-11stone thanks

Posted By: Admin
Depending on how well she tolerates stimulants Paul, I would start with the inferno's.

Posted By: garry Posted: 03/01/2013 01:58:27
Hi, I have a body gator about fifteen and want to get this down to what it used to be, or lower at about ten. I go to the gym regularly and have started eating right, just want a bit of a push. My friend has used these and said that he found himself going to the toilet a lot. Is this a common effect As I don t have any knowledge of the product or similar ones. And if so, which products would you recommend if any that don t have this side effect

Posted By: Admin
Hi Garry, it can happen from time to time because it is a stimulant and it kick starts your body to work harder. It speeds up your metabolism so your are burning more calories at a faster rate. Not everybody experiences this and it does differ from person to person because people react differently to stimulants. If this does happen and you don't want to continue taking it then a none stimulated fat burner would be ideal. Biorhythm make such a product called ultra lean fx, it stimulates your thyroid so you will burn more calories naturally.

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