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Feedback on Inferno 2 Fat Burners

Posted By: D Posted: 19/06/2011 21:05:43
Hi. I ve been going to the gym for about a year now and am starting to take it to the next level. I m 5ft 7, 70kg with 12 fat and would ideally want this down to about 6 . My diet is very good and high in protein with my workouts being high intensity. Would this effect muscle growth and cause any form of weight loss I don t want to end up losing my gains.

Posted By: Admin
It won't adversely effect muscle loss if your protein is consistently high. Infact, it'll amplify your workouts as it's a strong stimulant that can be used as a pre-workout too. So you get a double whammy - it increases your training intensity, and potentiates fat loss as well.

Posted By: lenny Posted: 21/03/2011 21:39:16
Hi, I need to trim down a bit so I m gonna try some inferno. I am aware I need to have a calorie deficit with a high protein intake so I don t lose too much mass,is it a good idea to continue with creatine during this time Any advice would be much appreciated.

Posted By: Admin
Certainly Lenny, creatine will help you maintain and continue to gain strength which is essential when dieting. Just be weary of the fluctuation in water weight and try not to let it psychologically effect you - as many think they're not losing fat due to water retention.

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