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Feedback on Uproar

Posted By: Sam Posted: 02/03/2012 13:16:56
If I use this for 5 days per week, how would you suggest cycling it, i found jack3d to work wonders for fist 6 weeks, then the effects started to wear off, so I came off it. Shall I just do the same principle on rampage

Posted By: Admin
Hi Sam

If you train on a regular basis and take any pre-workout supplement containing stimulants before each workout you will notice within 2 months you become a lot more tollerant to them. To get past this, take a break off the strong stimulant based pre-workouts and maybe opt for a different pre workout e.g. super pump max which will offer less of a stimulant effect but a definite strong pump experienced during every workout. Alternatively simply come off the pre-workout drink for 1-2 weeks every 6 weeks so your body has a break from the stimulants reducing it's tollerance to their effects.

Posted By: T 800 Posted: 15/01/2012 18:16:52
If you work out twice a day can this be taken prior to each session

Posted By: Admin
Hi T-800, you can take this before each session but you need to be aware that rampage is very high dosages of caffeine so may not be able to sleep later on in the day. Also too much caffeine fires up your nervous system and make you jittery and you can suffer from bad comedowns. I would recommend only using when you really need the boost to get you through a session.

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