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Feedback on EPI

Posted By: Adam Posted: 12/05/2010 11:54:03
Hi BA, I m 6ft 15 stone 15 bf, great training n diet and have ran tren bomb cycles in the past (perfect cycle kit!!) I responded well to this and enjoyed the gains!! Now I m lookin to shred up with epi, my last cycle was 6months ago followed by pct, my question is what is the best pct if I run 3 tabs a day of epi for 4 weeks Would androbolix alone be sufficient (with milk thistle throughout of course) or would you suggest any additions Value your views as they have always proven benificial!! Keep up the good work!! AD

Posted By: Admin
EPI is very mild and has minimum effects in terms of shut down compared to most traditional PHs.

Androbolix on its own would be sufficient. Try a mild thermogenic fat burner for a week or so afterwards as well to ensure you keep the hardness you aquire.

Keep your eyes on straigh mass feedback as this is a none PH mass and hardner. Most people are reporting similar benefits of EPI, only more so.

Posted By: Mo Posted: 15/03/2011 09:06:33
Hi ive just received my order today of EPI , Esto Suppress and Milk thisle. I was wondering how many doses of EPI should i take a day and should i take esto suppress with it and how long should the cycle be for ps thank you for the prompt delivery

Posted By: Admin
Hi Mo,

If you read through the Q & A's we've planned many cycles before which you could use. Our forum also offers extensive advice on cycle planning.

As for the delivery - pleasure!

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