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Feedback on EPI

Posted By: Rich Posted: 05/09/2012 14:40:29
Is this harsh on the liver like SD and require milk thistle
Also, is it ok to drunk alcohol when taking this

Posted By: Admin
Hi Rich, Its not as harsh as SD however with all orals PH's we recommend you take milk thistle along side it and try to stay away from alcohol.

Posted By: joe Posted: 04/07/2010 16:27:16
hi, i went on the tren bombs last yr with little knowledge of what to take,but i put a reasonable amount of weight on in the month that i took the minute im looking to bulk up. can you give me a good cycle to take,im nearly 21 and at the minute my body fat is about 8-10 ,in this cycle im going to include bio rhythem Kre aklayn,and the big blue aswell as reflex instant whey and critical mass...i was considering Human Growth Hormone tablets later on after this cycle can you give me any information about them please...thanks

Posted By: Admin
Joe, at your age I'd advise against all this. Your body produces great amounts of testosterone naturally, so it's advisable to wait and focus on building up a strong natural foundation.

However, if you insist, make sure you study the next compound you're going to take carefully. We can give you much more comprehensive advice on our forum if you check us out, I'd be happy to take this further and in more depth.

All those protein supplements and creatine / beta-alanine sports supplements look brilliant and I highly rate them myself. Will definitely help you add some lean slabs of muscle to your frame! Looking forward to hearing from you.

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