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Feedback on EPI

Posted By: Matt Posted: 19/08/2010 09:18:39
I have just run a 4 week cycle of EPI at the recommended dosage, making some very good gains with no side effects. My PCT is Esto Suppress & Androbolix. Problem is, almost as soon as I stopped the EPI & started my PCT I have had a huge drop in libido & am having trouble maintaining an erection, which is obviously a problem! I have stopped taking the Esto Suppress as I figured Estrogen being too low could be the problem & have carried on taking Androbolix. 2 weeks into PCT now & things haven t really improved. Androbolix also lowers estrogen, so should I stop this also or persist I have some Reflex Tribulus in the cupboard, should I switch to this instead

Posted By: Admin
Matt, you made a big mistake dropping the esto suppress and Androbolix. They DO helpd you recover and enhance libido, so stopping them due to the sake of estrogen being low could cause a huge rebound and more unwanted side effects.

Try picking up some Formadrol to help with libido, or Activate Xtreme by Driven Supplements. Next time make sure you continue with the PCT period though. You can throw the tribulus in for good measure, as it should help slightly with libido.

Posted By: JABS Posted: 21/09/2011 16:49:53
Hi I did an sd matrix course with your perfect cycle kit early this year and was amazed with the results!!!after much debate i was just wondering if its possible to combine 1 epi a day into the 2 a day sd matrix The usuall pct and liver protect would be used,, livermilk, esto supress, androbolix and poss formadrol xtreme, how does this sound many thanks

Posted By: Admin
1 Epi per day is unlikely to do much in two week mini cycles as it takes a couple of weeks to build up in the body itself and induce solid results. I would run the Epi solo away from the cycle kit.

the PCT support supplements look good however.

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