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Feedback on EPI

Posted By: mike Posted: 24/01/2012 12:31:00
i started taking pharma labs epi about a week ago, 3 x 10mg tabs a day with 3 x 200mg milk thistle on the second day of taking them i started to get really severe headaches for 2 days and then they cleared up, the next day i then got 2 really huge spots on my back about the size of a grape. these then cleared up after a day or two. A week into the epi i noticed rumbling in my stomach and also all over my back, the next day (yesterday) i had back pain/ache s in my low right hand side and then this morning i noticed my testicles had shrunk... could you give me any advice please .. many thanks mike

Posted By: Admin
Hi Mike, alot of the symptoms your descibing are very common. Headaches are common due to the sudden hike in testosterone in your body which can leave you dehydrated,so make sure you are sufficiently hydrated. Also the spots are caused by the chemicals in your body which releases more oils in your skin which can make your skin greasier. The pains you are feeling are also an unfortunate side effect of taking pro hormones,This can be helped by drinking more water then you usually do and taking an extra milk thistle during the day. The reason your testicles have shrunk is that your body will be producing significantly less natural testosterone due to it using epi as it is a synthetic testosterone. If the pains you are suffering continue with no let up then i would advise to stop taking epi immediately as your body may be reacting negatively to it.

Posted By: Jonathan Posted: 21/01/2012 13:08:31
Thanks for the reply to my last question. One thing I forgot to ask is while im running epi should I take something to support my liver such as liver milk. thanks in advance

Posted By: Admin
Hi Jonathan

Yes EPI is slightly methylated, not as much as a majority of other pro hormones but liver support in the form of miilk thistle is certainly adviseable. Try to take around 500-600mg of milk thistle daily, so around 3 capsules a day of most milk thi supplements

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