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Feedback on EPI

Posted By: Mo Posted: 30/04/2012 18:02:44
Hi, I will be taking EPI would I need to take Esto suppress with this.



Posted By: Admin
Hi Mo, you don't need the esto suppress whilst on the epi, but it is advisable to take it when you do your pct to ensure no steep rise in estrogen.

Posted By: Kacey Posted: 26/07/2011 19:20:54
Hi guys thanks for all the advice you have given, great site. I am about to make me order for my cycle just wanted to know on my next cycle can i stake EST Methyl E with Pharma Labs EPi as i still have some Methyl left over from last cycle. Regards

Posted By: Admin
This is pointless Kacey as it's essentially the same thing. Just run the Pharma Labs Epi.

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