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Feedback on EPI

Posted By: Robert Posted: 03/12/2010 12:33:36
Hi, im a new member here, i m 18, i d like to put a bit of muscle on while focusing on body reconstruction. I was just wondering would this supplement be too strong for me to take at just 18 years old or would it do repairable damage to my endocrine system

Posted By: Admin
Hi Rob. Yes, it's definitely too potent to take at 18 years old. You raised an interesting concept discussing the endocrine system, something that itself is very complex and difficult to talk about in depth in this Q & A. I suggest you speak to us on our forums for more detailed advice on a stack that could benefit you more effectively overall, but I'd steer clear of pro-hormones at least until you're in your twenties. They're just not necessary.

Posted By: Nic Posted: 22/10/2010 08:17:49
EPI by Pharma Labs Hi guys , I have now become a regular with your company and love the advice and help you give ! I am currently running a course of androbolix as i wanted to increase size and strength, i take 2 scoops afterglow straight after workouts. After speaking to one of your advisors i will look to use a 4week cycle of EPI followed again by Androbolix. What i wanted to know is...1. do i need milk thistle with epi and how much and 2. i want to take a good protein with the cycle to optimise gains but dont want anything fatty as i have been eating lots of chicken brest egg white etc, what protein would you recommend...currently aged 27 weight 14st 12 height 5ft 11

Posted By: Admin
Hi Nic,

Yes, you definitely need some milk thistle as Epi is methylated. 4 caps per day of the Reflex brand over a 4 week period will do you well - but it is advisable to pre-load before hand. Also look into some hawthorne berries and NAC as cycle support supplements which are great. And Taurine and potassium for any potential cramping and pumps you may get off Epi.

For PCT, pick up some Esto Suppress to be cautious, run it alongside Androbolix for libido and mood elevation (also a potent AI).

As for the protein, you're going to need something with a fair few calories in, as 14 stone 12 is a very respectable weight! You'll need to consume above maintenance calories to add muscle, but the Epi also has some properties which will help keep you lean. I'd go for a lean gainer such as Reflex Instant Mass which contains oats and barley and won't trigger fat gain.

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