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Feedback on Krealkalyn

Posted By: Val Posted: 24/07/2011 18:31:24
Hi, What else can i stack with this to increase mass ..Naturall stuff only, thanks

Posted By: Admin
Hi Val,

Creatine is a good start. Obviously, check your calories and make sure you're getting enough to consume mass. A weight gainer or protein supplement would be another wise choice such as Critical-Mass.

Then you can look to your luxury supplements. If you want a test booster, take a look at Androbolix. If you want a natural anabolic, look no further than X-Factor - undoubtedly the greatest natural supplement to date.

Posted By: brian Posted: 15/11/2011 19:18:23
hi i currently use reflex performance matrix half hour b4 training and ssin juice 15 mins b4, i know they have both have creatine in them ive also been taking biorythm kre alkalyn 15 mins b4 is this a waste of time because of the creatine in the other 2 , i train 3 times a week would it be better to take the krealkayn on the days i dont train or is this a waste of time also

Posted By: Admin
Hi Brian

Reflex use creatine monohydrate and the amount of creatine ethyl ester in ssin juice is not as high as the amount you get in the kre-alkalyn supplement.
Kre-alkalyn is nearly 100% efficient meaning none is wasted or converted to creatinine so regardless when you have it your body will maximise it's uptake. Perhaps have 2 capsules post training and another 2 either later on in the day or first thing in the morning so that your body has a consistant supply of creatine

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