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Feedback on Krealkalyn

Posted By: mark Posted: 01/05/2010 11:56:45
Hi, its been a while since ive trained and i have a few kre alkalyn tabs left from last year(they have been stored out of sunlight and lid tight!)...Before i order sum more would it be ok toe finish my last few off whats the shelf life of these tabs once opened...thankyou for your time

Posted By: Admin
Hi Mark. If they've only been there a year I wouldn't worry about them. Check the use by date to be certain.

Posted By: add Posted: 08/01/2010 13:09:06
im just about to start another tren bomb course im gona do a full month.when would you advise to start the kre alk would it be ok to start taking a couple of days before i fininsh the trens. will it be ok with the androboliix and can i take superpump throughout or not cheers

Posted By: Admin
Yes, take krealkalyn after, as creatine levels rise dramitically when using trenb anyway. Superpump can be taken alongside, but just watch out for cramping as this can cause muscle pulls. You should keep drinking adequate water levels and top it up with an electrolyte.

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