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Feedback on Krealkalyn

Posted By: David Posted: 17/08/2012 09:37:15
I am just finishing a tub of creatine which I have been taking for 2 months and was going to give Krealkalyn a try. Can I just switch straight on to this or should I give it some time for the creatine to clear out of my system I know a break is recommended after prolonged use of creatine but as Krealklyn doesn t have any adverse affects I am assuming it would be ok to start using straight away
Thanks in advance for your advice.

Posted By: Admin
Hi david you can take the krealkalyn straight away - creatine can be taken for a good while - usually 3-4 months on and then 1 month off but some people even take all year round .

Posted By: john Posted: 22/01/2011 13:17:35
i am 249 pounds i plan on working out 6 days a week should i take this everyday even on the days that i just do cardio my goal is to get to 185 and be ripped

Posted By: Admin
Yes John I would maintain a consistent dosage. 2-4 caps daily after or before training is sufficient.

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