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Feedback on Krealkalyn

Posted By: Tom Posted: 01/07/2010 15:36:10
Hi, Im a power lifter i train in the gym 6 days a week and on a sunday i am a pro wrestler, now on a sunday i get up at 8 am and will be taking the KREALKALYN (2 caps) then i have trianing at 10 should i take another 2 caps before training at 10 am

Posted By: Admin
Tom, that sounds like a really interesting profession! Would be fascinating to hear more about your lifestyle - if you pop down to our forums, I'd really be interesting to hear more about that??

To answer your question bud, creatine is best utilized in the post workout period where it is driven into the muscle cells. It will saturate your body best this way, so I usually like to take 3-4 caps post workout. If you want to split up the dosage, that's fine, but as long as you get the ingredients into your body it shouldn't make that much of a difference either way.

Posted By: Val Posted: 24/07/2011 18:31:24
Hi, What else can i stack with this to increase mass ..Naturall stuff only, thanks

Posted By: Admin
Hi Val,

Creatine is a good start. Obviously, check your calories and make sure you're getting enough to consume mass. A weight gainer or protein supplement would be another wise choice such as Critical-Mass.

Then you can look to your luxury supplements. If you want a test booster, take a look at Androbolix. If you want a natural anabolic, look no further than X-Factor - undoubtedly the greatest natural supplement to date.

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