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Feedback on Krealkalyn

Posted By: add Posted: 08/01/2010 13:09:06
im just about to start another tren bomb course im gona do a full month.when would you advise to start the kre alk would it be ok to start taking a couple of days before i fininsh the trens. will it be ok with the androboliix and can i take superpump throughout or not cheers

Posted By: Admin
Yes, take krealkalyn after, as creatine levels rise dramitically when using trenb anyway. Superpump can be taken alongside, but just watch out for cramping as this can cause muscle pulls. You should keep drinking adequate water levels and top it up with an electrolyte.

Posted By: David Posted: 23/08/2010 07:40:48
I currently stack Creapure Creatine with Instant Whey but after reading reviews and comparisons between Creatine and Kre-Alkalyn I am thinking of switching to using the latter. I was thinking of taking two capsules pre workout along with an After Glow shake afterwards. As After Glow provides Kre-Alkalyn as well would two capsules of this a day suffice

Posted By: Admin
Yes, it would definitely be sufficient David. I personally just throw 5grams of Creapure in my After Glow, although when I took kre-alkalyn like you I just took 2-3 caps on training days pre-workout.

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