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Reflex Growth Matrix

Growth Matrix
Ultimate post workout recovery product. From its special triggering mechamism through to its unique protein source, this product delivers recovery like nothing ever released before


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Growth Matrix by reflex is a forward-thinking unique specific recovery drink for post-workout nutritional needs. This advanced sports supplement not only provides the necessary nutrients for muscle recovery but additional ingredients assist protein synthesis and additional recovery aids.

Providing the specific ideal amounts of both carbohydrates and protein needed post-training your body will quickly restore glycogen reserves and top up the amino acid pool in your body to provide a thorough recovery from hard training. The sources of both protein and carbohydrates are fast acting so that no time is wasted in the recovery process, you train hard to achieve the body and goals you have set yourself so why waste time with inferior post workout supplements?

Growth matrix uses whey protein hydrolystate which is known as the fastest acting protein. Swiftly breaking down into amino acids, this form of whey protein will provide muscles with an almost instant hit of muscle building and recovering aminos.

Peptide bonded glutamine as well as creapure creatine provides a cell volumising effect and additional recovery properties including boosting immune function and restoring creatine levels for the next intense workout. L-Leucine is also thrown into the blend of anabolic compounds due to its ability to signal muscle protein synthesis maximising your potential for growth.

This post workout drink is quite frankly amazing, so much more than just fast acting nutrients and I even forgot to mention the added electrolytes responsible for re-hydrating after exercise. Truly a comprehensive and well-though out post workout drink with very little competition in terms of quality!

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Posted By: Dan Posted: 21/02/2010 20:08:12
hi, i ve got a similar question as george and i weigh 78kg, i ve used growth matrix before but wasnt to sure what it was meant to do as i only just started working out. i havent used it for a while but would like to start again, i have also ordered thermo fusion. my aim is to lose some weight and to tone up and to build some muscles, is thermo fusion and growth matrix a good combination for that or could you suggest anything else
thank you

Posted By: Admin
That definitely is a good combination, as the growth matrix is a superb post workout product that will enhance results regarding building muscle mass, and lean tissue is essential for fat loss. Thermofusion is also a great product to enhance your metabolism and speed up the process towards your goals, but you should take something like a fish oil alongside it for added benefits (Olio by Biorhythm would be great). For more expertize Dan you could always check out our forums.

Posted By: Jim Posted: 14/11/2011 21:55:13
Is it ok if i stack purple wraath as intra-workout and growth matrix for post workout

Posted By: Admin
Hi Jim

Yes you certainly can use both supplements together

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