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German Pharma Ostarine SARM

Ostarine SARM

Ostarine is the most popular SARM on the market, able to build strength and lean hard tissue without the downside of AAS or PH's.

It is thought that Osarine works by binding to the androgen receptors in muscle tissue and exerting the same effect that testosterone can in increasing protein synthesis and decreasing muscle protein breakdown. However, the beauty of SARM's are that they have a 'selective' action, that being that they act on one type of receptor only, so the secondary receptor actions you get with hormones such as testosterone such as acne, gyno etc are all avoided.

This is a product intended for adult males (over 21) who are knowledgable and experienced with PH's and related products.


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p>The SARM Ostarine may be the most anabolic natural substance ever created. Ostarine is a selective androgen receptor modulator, in plain english the androgen receptor is a receptor activated by muscle building hormones such as testosterone.

Ostarine can bind to it too and may produce the same kind of effects. It increases protein synthesis, development of skeletal muscle and bone density, and increased function of sexual organs.

Ostarine is able to exert these muscle building effects without the typical associated side effects that come with ‘under the counter’ products. No estrogen related side effects, so gyno, acne or water retention are no worries when using this compound.

It is both effective for increasing strength and lean muscle mass whilst bulking as well as preserving muscle mass when in a large calorie deficit. Ostarine has also been shown to have great effects on decreasing visceral fat during a cut.

Ostarine has been shown to increase bone density, increase ligament damage healing time and increases collagen synthesis. So not only will you build muscle but your joints are going to thank you a lot more for supplementing this product in your life.

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SD-Matrix Stacks

Take 1 capsule per day for 4 weeks. At this dosage and cycle duration no PCT is required.

For cycles of 6-8 weeks it is recommended that you use PCT for 4 weeks consisting of a testosterone booster (such as Androbolix 300XL) and a good estrogen blocker (such as Anti-Estro).

Do not take for more than 8 weeks. If you observe side effects, discontinue immediately.

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