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Reflex Natural Whey

Natural Whey

Reflex Natural Whey is a blended protein containing whey protein concentrate and whey protein isolate, both extracted from fresh skimmed milk at low temperature to maintain the biological value and avoid denaturing and impurities found in whey extracted by other methods. Greta tasting, low in carbs and fats, Natural Whey is created for the protein purists.

  • Added digestive enzymes and friendly bacteria
  • Guaranteed 78% protein content
  • Whey from grass fed cattle and sourced in the EU
  • Soy, sugar and artificial sweetner free


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Reflex Natural Whey is free of artificial colours, sugars, corn syrups and any artificial flavourings and is suitable for vegetarians.

The main ingredients are obtained directly from fresh skimmed milk from grass-fed cattlevguaranteed to be free from growth hormones and banned antibiotics

Pure whey concentrate and isolate provide the muscles the protein and amino acids they need to maintain, repair and grow.

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Reflex Nutrition
Protein Powder Supplements

Mix 25g in 300ml of water and shake in a blender bottle. Drink immediately.

Take 1-3 servings per day as required to meet your dietary protein targets.

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Posted By: stevie Posted: 12/01/2012 23:59:02
hi. ive been training for about 3 months now and i struggle to add any mass of any form. im your typical hardgainer - 6 1 and a beanpole. ive started eating a high protein high carb diet and have just added the natural whey supplements to my diet but im not sure if this is the right shake to be taking. like i say, im fairly new to the game, and im starting out at about 11stone. i want to throw as much muscle onto this frame as i can, so any help would be great. thanks.

Posted By: Admin
Hi Stevie

Natural whey by reflex is an excellent source of protein however will be lacking in calories sufficient enough to add some additional muscle mass and weight. To gain mass i'm sure you will be aware you need an excess of calories to then store the excess nutrition. Training hard and eating well and supplementing correctly will add some good amount of muscle mass, thus an ideal supplement for this would be something like critical mass which provides high amounts of calories, carbohydrates and protein all in one great tasting shake

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