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NutriSport Energy Boost 4 1

Energy Boost 4 1
A great blend of carbs, protein and all the electrolytes you need to keep you fuelled and active during any gym session, in a refreshing juice drink.


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Energy boost 4:1 is a diverse supplement capable of replenishing glycogen rapidly, recovery fatigued muscle cells and rehydrating you all at the same time!

Nutrisport combined the best quality insulin spiking maltodextrins to dextrose 15 for a rapid replenishment of glycogen, as well as causing a huge insulin spike which shuttles creatine and amino acids into muscle cells. Whey protein hydrolysate is added to the high GI carbohydrates to provide a rapid influx of amino acids quickly and efficiently into muscle cells immediately after work.

The ratio of macronutrients is 4 grams of carbohydrates to every gram of protein, making it ideal for recovery exploiting the most out of your post workout window of opportunity for recovery.

Energy boost 4:1 is a drink any athlete will benefit from supplementing with improving his/her levels of hydration and speeding up the recovery process.

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Post-Workout Recovery Supplements

Take 1 30g serving post workout

Posted By: matt Posted: 11/05/2010 13:57:44
how effective would you rate this as a PWO option 100g serving with some additional reflex whey added is obviously far cheaper than other options like after glow but is it anywhere near as effective

Posted By: Admin
Dont add extra protein. The type of protein used is designed for maximum rapid uptake, reflex whey would slow it down.

The ratio of carbs to protein is ideal for people who do a lot of training, or who do cross training, or who do training sessions over 45 minutes.

After glow has all the same ingredients plus more. It contains PS an anti cortisol ingredient. It calso contains many addred recovery and muscle building ingredients. The reason it may be a better product for bodybuilders is not really the ratio of carbs to protein.

In my experience both do a fantastic job. Myself I use Afterglow

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