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GoNutrition Go Greens

Go Greens

Go Greens provides the nutrient equivalent of 5-7 potrions of fruits and vegetables in a single 13g serving. This makes it a fantastic overall health and well bring supplement for anyone who is looking for optimum health. It does this by combining 40 seperate 'superfoods' rich in phyto nutrients, vitamins, minerals and plant proteins.

  • 40 individual superfoods and greens
  • All ingredients specifically listed on the label
  • Helps support general health and energy producing systems
  • Nutrients for the immune system


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Size: 250G

Optn: Unflavoured


Go Nutrition Go Greens not only includes 40 superfood and greens ingredients, but actually list each one and declare its level. This is rare and almost unique in the supplement industry and when buying a 'Greens' supplement like GoGreens you should be aware of checking that the product you pick lists every ingredient. Pay particulat attention for the expensive and beneficiaial ingredients like spirulina.

This product also features in the following categories:

Health and Well Being Nutrition

Take 3 scoops twice a day to obtain the equivalent nutrients to your '5 a day' diet. Each serving should be mixed in 150ml of water and shaken in a blender bottle.

Alternatively add scoops to your protein shakes or add to your meal.

Natural Flavour: Go Greens™ Blend (100%): [Spirulina Powder (8.6%)

Alfalfa Powder (6%)

Wheat Grass Powder (6%)

Chlorella Broken Cell Wall (6%)

Barley Grass Powder (6%)

Spinach Powder (4%)

Kale Powder (4%)

MSM (4%)

Carrot Powder (2.6%)

Celery Root Powder (2.6%)

Parsley Leaf Powder (2.6%)

Watercress Powder (2.6%)

Cucumber Powder (2.6%)

Olive Leaf Powder (2.6%)

Bilberry Leaf Powder (2.6%)

Beet Leaf Powder (2.6%)

Shave Grass Powder (2.6%)

Cauliflower Powder (2.6%)

Broccoli Powder (2.6%)

Cabbage Leaf Powder (2.6%)

Barley Sprouts (2%)

Dandelion Leaf Powder (2%)

Beetroot Powder (2%)

Sage Leaf Powder (2%)

Ginger Root Powder (2%)

Soya Sprout Powder (2%)

Rosemary Leaf Powder (1.6%)

Green Tea Extract 40% (1.6%)

Spearmint Powder (1.6%)

Alfalfa Sprouts Powder (1.6%)

Red Raspberry Leaf Powder (1.3%)

Peppermint Leaf Powder (1.2%)

Okra Powder (0.8%)

Ginkgo Biloba (0.5%)

Garlic Powder (0.4%)

Strawberry Powder (0.4%)

Avocado Juice Powder (0.4%)

Aloe Vera (200:1 Extract) (0.2%)

Beta Carotene Powder (0.1%)]

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