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Reflex R-Bar

Pit Stop are the revolutionary and long awaited replacement bars to the Progen! Get maximum taste, ultimate texture, mouth watering good snack bars that deliver only the very highest quality ingredients from the leading brand in the UK. A whopping 35g ble


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If you don't fancy a meal replacement shake and instead would rather munch on a deliciously densely nutrient rich bar instead of quickly drinking a shake then pit stop protein bars are for you.

Available in 3 incredible flavours, pit-stop protein bars by reflex are the bar equivalent of progen (reflex's meal replacement shake). However instead of enjoying a thick tasty shake you get to chew on a bar so rich in flavour that your taste buds will be in ecstasy. Especially if you are currently dieting, these pit stop bars are the ideal snack and treat to keep you satisfied in terms of protein content, reduced cravings, reduced hunger and also finally satisfying your sweet tooth.

With over 30g of whey protein per bar, these highly anabolic and anti-catabolic protein bars are a nifty and practical way of carrying a quick and easy to consume source of protein with you wherever you go. 

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Posted By: Neil Posted: 25/01/2011 23:29:48
Is the nutritional information of 1.9g of carbohyrdrates per 100g correct I ve just had a look at the label on their website and it s showing as around 34g, depending on the flavour.

Posted By: Admin
Thanks for pointing out our mistake Neil, it does indeed contain 34g's.

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